Month: May 2020


Lore – Butter Tea

I II III IV V I. Miss Dong A cloth bag in my hand, I walked through the street market. “Lamp oil, incense sticks…” As I mentally listed off each of the khenpo’s[1] instructions, I thumbed through the cloth bag, confirming nothing had been missed. But when I passed by that restaurant, a sea of […]


Lore – Boston Lobster

I II III IV V I. Creation I finally killed my enemy. “Hah…Hah…I…killed a Fallen Angel…Amazing!” “…” I almost forgot. I already escaped the laboratory… For as long as I could remember, I didn’t even know who I was. When they told me I carried the fate of humanity on my shoulders, I firmly believed […]


Anonymous Letter

Event Duration: 18 Mar 20 ~ 25 Mar 20 1. During the event, a double-pick card pool will open– Anonymous Letter.2. Anonymous Letter card pool only offers 10x draws, and only Jade Gourds can be used to make draws.3. Jade Gourds can be purchased in the Mall and exchanged for using Soul Embers and Magic […]


Fairy Fox

Event Duration: 18 May 20 ~ 24 May 20 Spend Magic Crystals to claim tons of rewards1. During the event, when Master Attendant reaches a certain tier in Magic Crystal spending, you can claim the corresponding reward.2. After the event, the event page will disappear, so Master Attendants please note the event timer and claim […]


Flowing Vintage

Event Duration: 18 May 20 ~ 24 May 20 1. During the event, each time you do a summoning in the Summon page, you will get a Sai*1.2. Exchange it in the event page for SR Awamori shards and lots of supplies.3. After the event ends, unused Sais will no longer be exchangeable for items, […]


Lion Dance

Event Duration: 15 May 20 ~ 21 May 20 1. The bingo event will last 7 days. If players complete all tasks, they can claim a mystery grand prize. 2. For completing 3 tasks in a column or row, you can claim a reward.3. On the fourth day of the event, you can spend Magic […]


Harvest Diary – Mango Pomelo Sago

Event Duration: 15 May 20 ~ 29 May 20 1. Complete daily missions to receive personal EXP to upgrade the Harvest Diary and get corresponding rewards.2. Spend 500 Soul Embers to upgrade Diary level by 1 without using Personal EXP.3. Bookmarks can be used to raise the amount of personal EXP gained 50% and to […]


Glittering Spirit

Event Duration: 08 May 20 ~ 14 May 20 Introduction Similar event to Nagashi Somen and White Truffle ranking event with same boss as White Truffle event. Notable rewards from this event include Tequila, special frames & avatar, and various consumable rewards. Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, […]