Analysis – Bibimbap vs. Somen vs. Osechi

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Preface: In terms of late game content, healers are only useful in Disaster, Guild Boss, and Event Boss Fights. As such, they will only be judged by their usefulness within this context.

It’s time for a UR Healer Contest!

Why are Milt and Cloud Tea absent, you ask? Milt fails to stand out without her Linked Skill, though her healing output is unmatched when Linked. As for Cloud Tea, she barely qualifies as a healer thanks to her… unique skills.

For Bibimbap’s details, refer here.
For Somen’s details, refer here.
For Osechi’s details, refer here.

Comparing Skills

Basic Skill (At Level 31):
Bibimbap: Increases allies’ damage by 16% for 2 seconds. Cleanses.
Somen: Heals allies for 250, additional 150/second for 5 seconds. Cleanses.
Osechi: Reduces Def by 15%, deals 20% Atk + 150/second for 5 seconds.

Energy Skill (At Level 31):
Bibimbap: Heals allies for 2300, additional 500/attack for 3 attacks. (3800)
Somen: Heals allies for 1820, additional 300/second for 5 seconds, additional 300/attack for 5 attacks. (4820)
Osechi: Heals allies for 1600, additional 800/second and Invuln for 3 seconds. (4000 + 3 sec Invuln)

Individual Analysis


● Evergreen (Permanently obtainable).
● Can Cleanse, which is very useful against most Boss content.
● Can boost team’s damage.

● Very low appearance rate from Summon and Shard Fusion, thus very hard to ascend.
● Basic Skill does not heal, relies on basic attacks and Energy Skill to heal, thus hard to use below 2★.


● Easy to 3★ or even 4★ if prepared, whaling not required.
● Can heal all allies with both skills.
● Very strong heals.
● Can Cleanse.

● Cannot boost team’s damage.
● Unobtainable after event ends.


Shattered Starlight guarantees 1 copy per 10x Summon.
● Technically has a 3% rate in Apricot Blossom due to the swap function.
● Can boost team’s damage. (Note: Basic Skill’s Atk scaling is mediocre.)
● Energy Skill comes with 3 second Invulnerability.
● Has an Artifact and a Gate of Trials.

● Only available from Event Summons.
● Basic Skill does not heal, relies on basic attacks and Energy Skill to heal.
● Cannot Cleanse!!!


Bibimbap: Has both Cleanse and damage boosts, theoretically the best overall healer, but difficulty in ascending as well as reliance on ascension to heal severely limits her usability for most people. In fact, most people will easily have Osechi at a higher ★ level than her despite Osechi’s limited availibity. Best healer for the rich.

Somen: Heals galore! His ability to Cleanse is also very valuable. Being a pure healer however, means that Bibimbap is better if her healing output is sufficient (making Somen’s overkill healing unnecessary). Fortunately for Somen, such situations will be sparse, making Somen the best healer for the “poor”.

Osechi: With her damage boosts, Invulnerability and Artifact (though it’s unimpressive until Node 3), Osechi is by no means bad. The thing that’s really holding her back is her lack of Cleanse, as Cleanse is integral to most Boss contents. However, in situations where Cleanse is not required, Osechi can definitely be considered for her unique strengths, such as her Energy Skill’s synergy with Energy providers such as Rum and Butter Tea.

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