Analysis – Buddha’s Temptation

Category: [FoodSoul]

Name: Buddha’s Temptation
Type: Magic
Rarity: UR
Availability: Event Summon Only
Best Preferred Fallen: Thundaruda
● Basic Skill: Buddha’s deals 40% of Atk + 55 damage to all foes, increases all allies’ Basic Attack damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
● Energy Skill: Buddha’s deals 40% of Atk + 335 damage to all foes, also stunning them for 3 seconds.
● Linked Skill w/ Mapo Tofu: Buddha’s deals 60% of Atk + 402 damage to all foes, also stunning them for 3 seconds.
Activates the Linked Skill of: N/A

Basic Skill:
● Level 1: 40% of Atk + 55 damage and +20% Basic Attack damage for 3 seconds
● Level 21: 60% of Atk + 385 damage and +20% Basic Attack damage for 3 seconds

Energy Skill:
● Level 1: 40% of Atk + 335 damage and 3 second stun
● Level 21: 60% of Atk + 2345 damage and 3 second stun

Linked Skill:
● Level 1: 60% of Atk + 402 damage and 3 second stun
● Level 21: 90% of Atk + 2814 damage and 3 second stun

● Decent AoE damage
● Energy skill is an AoE stun
● Link partner is very strong
● Has an Artifact

● Mediocre single-target damage
● Basic skill does not have a niche
● Relies heavily on his Artifact to shine
● Extremely expensive to ascend and build


● Buddha’s Temptation ties with Maofeng for 3rd highest Atk stat in the game, though his skills focus on AoE instead.
● His skills have high damage for AoE skills, significantly higher than B-52, but far lower than Turkey.
● His energy skill stuns all enemies for 3 seconds, making it more consistent than B-52’s.
● His link partner is Mapo Tofu, a very strong UR DPS + CC soul, considered among the best in CN.
● He has an Artifact with abilities that can greatly boost the damage of his teammates.

● Owing to Buddha’s skills low single-target damage output, he is not a good candidate for fighting single bosses (Disaster, Guild Boss).
● Buddha’s basic skill does not have the pure damage that Turkey’s does, nor does it offer crowd control or cleansing/debuffing utility like Peking, Foie and Butter Tea’s do.
● Without his Artifact, Buddha’s is merely a stronger but way harder to ascend B-52. However, as ★ levels greatly affects the viability of DPS souls, this comparison is in B-52’s favor.
● Simply ascending Buddha’s is expensive, requiring a lot of crystals (and some money) to reach 3★ (even with his other unreleased summon event being accounted for).
● However, to really get value out of him, one would need to also invest in his Artifact, as well as Mapo Tofu, as his Artifact’s 3rd skill relies on having the Linked Skill.

Special Note

Almost every Food Soul who is neither Healer nor Tank relies largely on their Basic Skill, and Buddha’s Temptation is not an exception. Unfortunately for him, his Basic Skill is severely lacking for someone so hard to acquire and ascend.

Of note is that his Basic Skill’s ability to increase Basic Attack damage by 20% is considered inferior to Butter Tea’s Basic Skill’s abilities. Butter Tea’s Basic Skill grants allies 20% Atk Spd for 3 seconds while also dispelling all buffs from enemies! The Atk Spd buff also increases total basic attack damage, while helping out healers as well as giving everyone more chances to activate their own Basic Skill. When considering the dispel effect as well as his Energy Skill, Butter Tea is far more useful for most players.

Using Buddha’s Temptation

Buddha’s Temptation is an AoE-focused soul who lacks in single-target damage and utility. While these are problems that B-52 also has, B-52 is very F2P-friendly, unlike Buddha’s who is expensive to ascend yet requires further investment to shine

In other words, only players in earlygame and massive spenders (a.k.a. whales) will find use out of him.

For those in the first category, simply use him as is until you get better options.

Those able and willing to invest in him, however, will find that his Artifact possesses numerous “support” abilities that boost his teammates’ damage. When used in conjunction with high DPS souls like Pizza, Turkey, Champagne and Mapo Tofu, one would find that his Artifact’s abilities more than make up for his own middling abilities.

Of note, however, is that investing in him means investing in not only his ★ level, but also his Artifact (minimally 3rd Togi Node). This also requires using Mapo Tofu, which means that she also needs to be invested in. Furthermore, Buddha’s Artifact will need to be upgraded from square 1, unlike Turkey, whose tickets were given out in large amounts during his event.


Because his skills are simply a stronger version of B-52’s skills, Buddha’s Temptation is a very polarized Food Soul. Either you go all out investing in him (which is extremely expensive), or he’s simply not worth it.

For the majority of players, it’d be far better to wait for other events, such as Butter Tea’s 1.20% rate summon event. Butter Tea is far more useful for most players, as he is a stronger version of Toso, an event-exclusive herself and a crucial member to have against just about every Disaster.

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