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Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Caviar Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 45/ Type  Defense  Def 45/ Fav Food Strawberry Milkshake  HP 871/ CN VA Wang Zi (王梓)  Crit 521/2206 EN VA Jeff Schine  Crit. Dmg 485/2025 JAP VA Terashima Takuma  Atk Spd 686/2741 Availability Event (Seaside Moon, Food Soul’s Wish, Memories Revisited, Bells Resound, Golden […]


Huangshan Maofeng Tea

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Huangshan Maofeng Tea Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 133/ Type  Magic  Def 13/ Fav Food Mixed Greens  HP 403/ CN VA Zhao Yang (赵洋)  Crit 603/2697 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 3252/16338 JAP VA Shirai Yuusuke  Atk Spd 999/4149 Availability Event (Memories Revisited, Have a Reading?, Amusement Park Sign up!, […]


Analysis – Red Wine

Category: [FoodSoul] Name: Red WineType: StrengthRarity: SRAvailability: Summon, Wait for Growth and Shard Fusion (SR to UR)Best Preferred Fallen: Uke Mochi● Basic Skill: Red Wine deals 100% of Atk + 47 damage to furthest foe● Energy Skill: Red Wine deals 100% of Atk + 243 damage + 40 damage per second for 6 seconds to […]


Analysis – Sukiyaki

Category: [FoodSoul] Name: SukiyakiType: DefenseRarity: SRAvailability: Summon and Shard Fusion (SR to SR)Best Preferred Fallen: Amakaze● Basic Skill: Sukiyaki heals himself for 30 HP and shields himself from 30 damage for 3 seconds.● Energy Skill: Sukiyaki deals 40% of Atk + 203 damage to all enemies.● Linked Skill w/ Ume Ochazuke: Sukiyaki deals 60% of […]


Lore – Pizza

I II III IV V I. Our Promise Back Then “Cassata! Catch!” “Come on, Pizza!” “Hurry up, you two~!” The kingdom I lived in wasn’t particularly vast, but it has rich soil and everything you needed to live a good life. And my Master Attendant was the king. The citizens were warm and gentle. The […]


Lore – Cassata

I II III IV V I. My Worth When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to find myself in a luxurious place. There was a lone man sitting in the huge room. He was dressed in fancy clothes, but appeared to be in his fifties. “Looks like he could be useful.” He probably came […]


Lore – Caviar

I II III IV V Caviar’s Story Part 1 I am someone who is blessed by the void god. Ever since I was born, my right eye has been blessed by the mighty void god. Even though it can’t view things normally, it allows me to see certain scenes. Most visions are extremely sad and […]


Lore – Milt

I II III IV V I. Konpeito My eyes opened slowly, and were greeted with a room lightly bathed in the sunset light. I raised what should be my hand, which was especially dazzling in this darkness, and beheld this limb that was taking shape. “I… am…?” I turned my head around to look at […]


Dessert Connoisseur

Event Duration: 20 Jan 2019 ~ 24 Jan 2019 Sell any of the 5 dishes below (must hit rank B and all stat requirements) during event duration to get special chests: Cha Siu Bao: 350 Flavour, 40 Texture Red Bean Pudding: 350 Texture, 40 Aroma Gold Cake: 40 Flavour, 350 Texture Mango Smoothie: 350 Flavour, […]