Atk 49/
 Defense  Def 21/
Steamed Crab  HP 610/
Zhen Yu (振宇)  Crit 1092/4812
-  Crit. Dmg 821/3526
Ejiri Takumi  Atk Spd 1222/4592
Summon (Event)
Enhanced Uke Mochi Purple Dumpling
Snow Cellar Awamori heals himself for 60 health, with a chance to raise his Atk and Def by 25% for 3 seconds, or gain 35 Energy.
Blocked Retreat Awamori deals 25% of his Atk stat and an additional 100 points of damage to the 3 nearest foes per second for 4 seconds, also becoming Invulnerable for 4 seconds.
- -

Previously the king of a small island in Sakurajima. Friendly and self-proclaimed to be very approachable, he likes to get everyone together around a bonfire to drink wine and boast. Territorial and patient (after all, it takes three years of fermentation before it is considered kusu). Enjoys beautiful women, but also enjoys the muscles of the same sex. Feels that on earth, there are too many beautiful things, and in order to protect these things, it is vital to expel the darkness, just like one would expel foreign invaders.
Awamori Alcohol
Ryukyu Islands 15th Century
Passionate and Bold 184cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
That country - I will definitely take it back!
Awamori is a type of hot beverage specially produced in the Ryukyu Islands. Awamori acts as a base for Shochu and is one of the oldest distilled liquors, as the liquor is obtained via distillation of rice. In the first step of production, jasmine rice is turned into distiller's yeast. Then, water and yeast is added for fermentation to take place. Lastly, simple distillation is carried out and the wine is produced, and subsequently, obtained. This traditional distillation method has persisted for more than 500 years and many wine makers in Okinawa still continue said tradition.
[SR][Defense] Food Soul

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