Soul Log – Baguette


 Atk 48/
 Magic  Def 13/
Beer Braised Trotter  HP 416/
Feng Xiu (风袖)  Crit 856/3802
-  Crit. Dmg 532/2217
Inoue Yuuki  Atk Spd 2132/8232
Summon (Event)
Thundaruda Rocketero
Wise Man's Law Baguette raises all allies' damage dealt by 5% for 3 seconds, also causing their next 4 normal attacks to restore 1 Energy.
Fool's Trial Baguette deals 40% of his Atk stat and an additional 268 points of damage to all enemies, also preventing them from being healed for 6 seconds.
- -

One of the officers in charge of the “Eye of Horus” law enforcement agency, with the law in his left hand, and a gun in his right, he currently works with senior officer Sachertorte to complete his missions. Even though he often wears a smile on his face, he is actually more stubborn than the seemingly indifferent Sachertorte. Because of a past experience, he vowed to fairly judge all that is right and wrong in the world. He is a hard working youth trying to grow.
Baguette Main Dish
France 18th Century
Juridical 170cm
Likes: Peking Duck Dislikes: Whiskey
I wish to protect this world's light.
As the representation of France's bread, Baguette was born when there was a demand for an even distribution of Bread during the French Revolution. Baguette's formula is simple and only requires these 4 basic ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. Normally, no sugar, powdered milk and oil added, albeit in very little quantity for the last one. Baguette has a soft and crispy outer crust as well as a firm and strong interior. Its appearance broke the class gap and enabled everyone to enjoy bread of equal quality.
[SR][Magic] Food Soul

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