Tsukimi Dango

Tsukimi Dango
 Atk 50/
 Support  Def 22/
Chinese Yam and Squab Soup  HP 408/
Cao Zhen (曹真)  Crit 512/2057
-  Crit. Dmg 512/2057
Mikami Jou  Atk Spd 1164/4446
Ranking Event
Enhanced Uke Mochi Cimeter
Fantastic Fireworks Tsukimi Dango heals the ally with the lowest HP for 134 health, also granting them 15 Energy.
Moon Song Tsukimi Dango heals all allies for 10% of their missing health, also reducing their skill damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds.
- -

A gentle young man always seems to be thinking of everyone, claiming to have no fighting power, but the smile on the corner of the mouth makes him feel that he is not that simple.
Tsukimi Dango Dessert
Japan Est. 10th Century
Gentle and elegant 180cm
Likes: Unadon Dislikes: -
The moon of times passed; that is the most beautiful scenery.
In Japan, August 15th of the lunar calendar is called "Moon Festival", and the night of this day is called "Fifteen Nights". In the Moon Festival, eat a dumpling made of Jiangmi, called "Yuemi Tuton". Jiangmi is a kind of glutinous rice. There is also a custom of moon-watching at the Moon Festival in Japan. Some temples and shrines also hold special moon-watching meetings. Since the Heian period of more than a thousand years ago, the Mid-Autumn Festival has spread from China to Japan. The custom of holding banquets while enjoying the moon is called "moon watching banquet". Since this period is the harvest season for various crops, in order to express gratitude to nature's blessings, the Japanese will hold various celebrations, and some temples and shrines will also hold a special moon-viewing festival on the Mid-Autumn Festival.
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