Three-Minute Analysis – Sichuan Hotpot

Category: [FoodSoul]

For Sichuan Hotpot’s details, refer here.

Name: Sichuan Hotpot
Class: Half Support, Half DPS

● Cleanse on basic skill
● Good damage for a “Half Support” FS
● UR stats

● No crowd control
● Poor damage compared to UR “Pure DPS” FS
● Overly niche basic skill
● Hard to ascend
● Heavily reliant on entire team having high (18k or more) Atk Spd

Main Stages/Showdown/Catacombs: Cleanse useless, no CC, usable if she’s your top 2 DPS (unlikely), 2/10.

Guild Boss: Cleanse useless, usable if she’s your top 2 DPS (unlikely), 2/10.

Aluna: Cleanse and energy boost useful, can substitute for Laba or Bibimbap6/10.

Durga: Cleanse useless, has no dispel, low skill damage, -1/10.

General DPS:
● High Atk stat, but basic skill has no % Atk scaling.
● Will beat “Pure CC” souls even with 1★ disadvantage
● Might be able to beat same ★ B-52
Loses to other UR “Pure DPS” souls even with 1★ advantage
● At 2★ (hard to achieve), she should beat most 5★ SR DPS souls, 3/10.

New Players: Atk stat is very important early on.
● Higher Atk than all evergreen URs
● Good to use early on, but poor long-term investment, 7/10.

Not irredeemably bad, but unimpressive overall.

Score: 3/10
Okay to summon for her, but don’t go broke for her (unless you love her).

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