Month: July 2019



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Margarita Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 49/ Type  Support  Def 21/ Fav Food Cappuccino  HP 421/ CN VA V17-Qian Kui (V17-钱坤)  Crit 420/1620 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 524/2114 JAP VA Ishihara Kaori  Atk Spd 1450/5610 Availability Event Fallen Angels Aizen Green Dumpling Basic Salt Protection Margarita raises the three […]


Matsutake Dobinmushi

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Matsutake Dobinmushi Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 125/ Type  Magic  Def 15/ Fav Food Bak Kut Teh  HP 495/ CN VA Li Yuantao (李元韬)  Crit 1050/4996 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 532/2330 JAP VA Tsuda Kenjirou  Atk Spd 2999/13149 Availability Airship (Event) Fallen Angels Thundaruda Garuda Basic Shower of Fortune […]


Laba Congee – Doll Princess

Type: [SR] Food Soul How to obtain: Doll Adventure Event Approximate cost: 855 crystals


Swiss Roll

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Swiss Roll Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 58/ Type  Defense  Def 42/ Fav Food Lemon Pie  HP 923/ CN VA –  Crit 1036/4781 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 785/3525 JAP VA Hisakawa Aya  Atk Spd 864/3539 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Enhanced Uke Mochi Bulimia Basic Dessert Time Swiss Roll […]


Sakura Tea

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Sakura Tea Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 130/ Type  Magic  Def 12/ Fav Food Spaghetti  HP 432/ CN VA –  Crit 1865/9193 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 865/4043 JAP VA Tange Sakura  Atk Spd 1856/8006 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Tsuchigumo Prajna Basic Hail Sakura Tea deals 40% of her […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Takoyaki Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 20/ Type  Magic  Def 11/ Fav Food Garlic Oysters  HP 212/ CN VA V17-KIYO  Crit 1062/4318 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 353/1213 JAP VA Matsuoka Yuki  Atk Spd 503/1513 Availability Tips Store Fallen Angels Queen Conch Poor Spirit Basic Time To Play Takoyaki raises […]


Black Forest Cake

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Black Forest Cake Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 53/ Type  Magic  Def 14/ Fav Food Har Gow  HP 412/ CN VA Yang Menglu (杨梦露)  Crit 1102/5008 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 532/2217 JAP VA Mori Nanako  Atk Spd 1132/4232 Availability Event Fallen Angels Leaf Ocean Queen Pearl Eye Basic Flaming […]


Lion’s Head – Lion Dance Spring

Type: [SR] Food Soul How to obtain: At the skin shop during the Grand Dress-Up Event Approximate cost: 900 skin vouchers || 1800 crystals


Mandarin Squirrel Fish – Horror Funshow

Type: [SR] Food Soul How to obtain: Witch Incoming! Event Approximate cost: It’s free. Unless you fail to complete a mission, then it’s 200 crystals for each missing mission.


Doll Adventure

Event Duration: 28 Jul 2019 ~ 06 Aug 2019 Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, and may be subject to change. A storyline-type event that uses Action Points (AP) instead of Stamina. Event items are: Heart Seal    Reason Seal    Doll A    Doll B    The […]


Anniversary Bounty II

Event Duration: 25 June 2019 ~ 14 August 2019 1. The Anniversary Bounty Mission will last a total of four weeks, with a new Bingo event starting each week. After four weeks, the four bounty missions will end at the same time.2. For completing 3 tasks in a column or row, you can claim a […]


Battle Guide

Food souls are the core of the game and battling with them forms a huge part of the game. On the outside it may seem that fighting is just putting together 5 food souls and get as many linked skills according to the tips, but it gets deeper and there are many hidden algorithms, techniques […]