A place for all fanarts, originals or memes related to Food Fantasy!! Open invites to all artists willing to contribute here =D

Steps to join as contributor:
1. Sign up here
2. Inform koko in-game
3. Once a contributor, make a post and upload your art as featured image
4. Categorize the post under Art
5. Publish and you are done!

Artist: Victoria StewardFB:
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Mochi for You & Me
Artist: Po AtoFB:
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Cassata Hugs
Life will only brings sacrifices. Death, on the other hand grants eternity.Whiskey Artist: YiyaFB:
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Whiskey's Secret
Artist: YiyaFB:
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Nap with Zitui Bun
Post Pizza event appreciation for the husbento buttertea
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Bae-tter Tea
By: @chibiyuii
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Milk vs Milt
By Himari @chibiyuii
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Laba’s Woes
Artist: Noct Title: Ginger n Spice
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Christmas Fanart