Atk 40/
 Strength  Def 11/
Chicken Skewer  HP 366/
Zhai Wei (翟巍)  Crit 1276/5686
Julia McIlvaire  Crit. Dmg 837/3710
Hanae Natsuki  Atk Spd 247/692
Summon, Shard Fusion, Airship
Tsuchigumo Koi
Ink Splatters Hotdog deals 100% Atk damage to the nearest enemy target plus 62 extra damage.
Artist Hotdog unleashes her artistic genius, and the beauty of the painting increases all team members' Atk by 3 and Def by 1, also increasing Atk Spd by 40 for 5 seconds.
- -

She loves all the beauty in the world and is a talented painter. She is admired by many young people for her smooth hair and elegant facial features. However, she can also be quite stern and unforgiving at times.
Hotdog Fast Food
United States 20th century
Unpredictable 179cm
Likes: Foie Gras Dislikes: -
All the beautiful things in the world should be protected.
Hot Dogs are a common snack around the world. They are simple yet beautiful with their colors of yellow and red.
[SR][Strength] Food Soul

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