Atk 24/
 Defense  Def 10/
Pork Burger  HP 211/
Bei Chen (北辰)  Crit 545/1995
Edward Bosco  Crit. Dmg 721/2741
Maeno Tomoaki  Atk Spd 523/1583
Mountain Sparrow -
Bread Twist Toast throws out slices of toast like boomerangs, inflicting 100% damage to the nearest target plus 14 extra damage.
Divert Disasters A gold strip drops out of Toast's box, increasing his defense by 5 for 2 seconds, and making him invulnerable to basic attacks for a period of time.
- -
Work Out The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)0☆
Loved by All When customers pay their bills, receive an additional reward of 2 Gold. (+2 per level) 1☆
Cooking Expert When the Food Soul's in the kitchen making a Recipe, production time is decreased by 5%. (+1% per level)3☆
Star Rank Service Customers have a 5% chance to pay an additional 10 Gold when paying their bill.5☆

Toast is full of maturity and has a very high tolerance for others. People feel comfortable and safe around him. Often chased around by Sandwich asking to lend him some money. A very reliable person.
Toast Desserts
France 15th century
Mature and Considerate 188cm
Likes: - Dislikes: Sandwich
Health is more important than money.
Toast was created during an attempt to transmute bread into gold. In terms of the original goal, it was a failure, but its amazing flavor made it as valuable as gold. It became one of the world's most famous delicacies, and it has an important place in our daily lives.
[M][Defense] Food Soul


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