Cold Rice Shrimp

Cold Rice Shrimp
 Atk 33/
 Strength  Def 9/
Risotto  HP 362/
Xiao Q (小Q)  Crit 615/4000
Marieve Herrington  Crit. Dmg 599/3702
Yuuki Aoi  Atk Spd 677/3752
Summon, Team Up, Shard Fusion, Token Shop, Event (Food Soul's Wish, Grand Dress-Up)
Aizen Red Dumpling
First Blossoms Cold Rice Shrimp brandishes her fish basket, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to a random enemy plus 18 extra damage.
Cold Dream Bamboo Basket Cold Rice Shrimp summons a torrent of tiny red-and-white-striped shrimp from her fish basket, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the farthest enemy unit plus 121 extra damage, also putting the target in a deep sleep for 3 seconds.
- -
Flavor Breakthrough During Judging Voyage, the Flavor of all dishes entered is increased by 55 points (+5 per level)0☆
Cater to Preference Increase the initial Mood of the Judge in Voyage by 3%. (+3 per level)2☆

A white-eyed young girl who carries her fishing gear around with her. Just like a lovable daughter, she will listen to the Attendant's words. Sometimes the fish basket she carries will emit a faint white light. There seems to be an incredible force in there.
Cold Rice Shrimp Desserts
China Unknown
Pure 149cm
Likes: Jiuniang Dislikes: -
I am so happy to spend every day together with mommy~
Cold rice shrimp isn't actually shrimp. It's actually rice noodles that resemble tiny shrimps. It is a common dessert in china best served cold.
[R][Strength] Food Soul

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