Atk 30/
 Strength  Def 15/
Baked Potato  HP 315/
Feng Junhua (冯骏骅)  Crit 688/2893
Julia McIlvaire  Crit. Dmg 371/1433
Ryuu Seira  Atk Spd 513/1548
Summon, Airship, Shard Fusion
Conchi Spiked Snail
Big Carp Sashimi's companion Big Carp arrived to cheer him on, deals 10 points of damage to a random enemy target, also has a probability of causing the target to become dizzy over 1 seconds.
Kanagawa Stream Sashimi summons a rolling sea wave, dealing 40% points of damage to all enemies, and an extra 40 points of damage, also reducing attack speed by 35 points over 4 seconds.
Super Kanagawa Stream Sashimi calls forth surging waves, dealing 60% damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 52 points of damage. Also reduces all enemy attack speeds by 40 over 4 seconds.
Texture Breakthrough During Judging Voyage, the Texture of all dishes entered is increased by 55 points (+5 per level)0☆
Whittle Away the Time Reduces the time to re-challenge Judge Voyage by 150 seconds. (+50 per level)2☆

An optimistic young boy that can often be seen walking around with a giant smile on his face! He also likes to carry his fish around! His optimism is contagious and makes everyone happy!
Sashimi Refreshments
Japan 823 BC
Helpful 150cm
Likes: Sushi, Taiyaki Dislikes: -
I have to help other people more!
The preparations of sashimi requires a very talented Chef with great knife skills! The slices must be thin and clean; chefs often spend years in training.
[R][Strength] Food Soul

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