Crowd Control Guide

What is Crowd Control AKA CC?

Crowd control or CC is a term coined from early days of MMORPG when players refer to skills or abilities which helps to manage a huge group of enemies during an engagement. This term is then slowly generalized and simplified by the community to just mean controlling the enemies regardless of the quantity.

Crowd Control Abilities

CharmTakes control of enemies to attack their own
StunStops all forms of actions
SilencePrevents casting of skills
Heal DisablePrevents any form of HP recovery
Speed ReduceReduce atk spd of enemies
FrozenStops all forms of actions (Only from PVE content)

Counter crowd control/skills or anti crowd control/skills abilities are often bosses’ fortes with certain food souls having them as well. These abilities, as the name suggests, is to counter skills or crowd control abilities mentioned above.

Counter Crowd Control/Skills Abilities

  • Invincibility
  • CC Immunity

Usage & Effectiveness

Main usage and where you will see CC often will be showdown and catacombs. CC is a very powerful ability in PVP situations like showdown or sky showdown. CC helps to stop opponents’ skills from activating and charming them will even turn them on their own team. Catacombs will also require CC when approaching high levels from around level 60 onwards. Skills from catacombs’ bosses are often too powerful to take, thus requiring constant CC to keep them tamed, only using their normal attacks.

Currently there seem to be an anomaly or intended weakness with charm that if there is only one enemy left, the charm effect would not work. Of note, charm also does not affect effects caused by artifacts.

Effectiveness of CC comes from speed, and speed comes mainly from fallen angels and artifacts. The faster the atk spd of your CC food souls, the higher the chance the CC will be activated, thus increasing the duration the control will be in effect. More info on FAs and Artifacts can be found here:
Fallen Angels Guide
Artifacts Guide

Crowd Control Line-Up

As there are too many food souls with cc skills, the following list will only include the best, most recommended or special cc food souls from our experience and knowledge. This list also does not take into account artifacts which can change this list dramatically, maybe in the future?


The best CC skill is charm, as it not only stops and cancels all attacks, it still turn opponent against their own team. Reduces damage taken while dealing even more damage to enemies.

Dragon’s Beard Candy – New charmer on the block. This UR is on par with Foie Gras up to 2 secs charm to all enemies. She makes up for this fixed amount of charm through much more additional damage compared to Foie Gras. When strong and fast enough, could be used to replace Foie Gras in catacombs to provide more damage while not losing the CC.

Foie Gras – The best charmer currently in game, with basic skill providing charm which scales in duration. However, base atk spd is low, thus requiring high level FAs of 13 and up to maximize her potential. She is an important food soul to climb high level catacombs of 75 & up as she is the only one who can stop all attacks constantly.

Raindrop Cake – The other UR with a charm skill but only as an energy skill, which limits his CC capability. He has no linked skill and overall not a good food soul both in terms of damage and CC. Not recommended at this juncture.

Tiramisu – Even though her 2 sec charm in her energy skill might seem short, she can fit nicely into a team because she has the best single target heals on her basic skill. Her group heal is also not too shabby, making her a good choice for early catacombs.


Second in line on the CC list will be stun. This ability stops all actions of the enemies, thus stopping and cancelling all attacks on your team. There are plenty of stunner food souls in the game compared to other CC abilities.

B-52 – One of the most accessible URs which can be slowly ascended right from the start of the game and comes with a 5 secs stun on his energy skill. This stun comes in handy during early stages. Not recommended to use linked skill.

Crab Long Bao – The all rounded tank with a stun of 3 secs on his energy skill. The stun duration will increase at certain skill level. Comparing to Gingerbread’s chance to stun, crab long bao’s stun is more reliable. However the skill is an energy skill, thus limiting its occurrences. He is also a superb offensive tank packing a good punch.

Buddha’s Temptation – A newcomer with stun energy skill similar to B-52 but 3 secs. Downside is that he is hard to ascend as he is event only at the moment. He triumphs over B-52 in terms of base atk and basic skill of increasing teammates’ normal attack which will scale accordingly as your team becomes more powerful.

Gingerbread – A defensive UR tank with a chance to stun on her basic skill. Although the duration is short of only 2 secs, but because of its higher occurrences, it might prove useful at dire situations. Her anti-cc invincibility is also a huge asset to keep her basic skill going when facing CC heavy enemies.

Vodka – Vodka’s 4 secs stun becomes very useful and powerful when linked with B-52. Because Vodka is very easy to ascend, she is a top choice for early game usage, be it PVE or PVP. Her basic skill also helps boost her value by providing significant group silence.

Mango Pudding – On par with Vodka’s 4 secs stun, Mango Pudding can be a great CC food soul but she is not that accessible compared to Vodka. Her energy skill which holds the stun also does not deal any damage but decrease enemies’ defense power which is not really significant.

Tortoise Jelly – Only food soul with a stun in basic. Tortoise Jelly proves to be a formidable CC with a guaranteed 1 sec sleep in his basic. However, it takes time and luck to ascend him. He also needs at least a node 3 in artifacts paired with a high level FA to maximize his potential.


Silence stops enemies from activating their skills but not their normal attacks. Helps to prevent skills from dealing damage or casting CCs on your team.

Peking Duck – The best silencer in the game , providing a whole 3 secs of group silence , paired with a superb base atk spd, duck daddy is a staple in PVP and catacombs. His skill even comes with ability to speed reduce, further increasing his value. Because of high base atk spd, with artifact, requirement for FAs is being pushed down.

Mapo Tofu – A silencer on par with, or even better than, Peking Duck, her basic skill also provides 3 secs of group silence. Her Atk Spd is much lower than Peking’s (still higher than Foie’s), but her damage is leagues higher than his, being one of the top DPS in the game. Useful everywhere, even in Disasters where silence has no effect.

Yuxiang– Paired with Peking Duck, her linked skill provides a powerful group silence of 5 secs. On her own she is lacking in damage output and only recommended to only be used with Peking Duck to maximize silence duration.

Vodka – Her group silence of 3 secs proves very useful in early to mid game in catacombs and pvp situations. However, it is chance based and not reliable at times. Her energy stun skill makes up for this weakness though.

Eggette – Probably the only food soul with silence in all his skills. However, the silence from his basic skill is single target of only 1 sec , while the energy skill provides group silence of 2 secs. Sacrificing a little bit on damage, he can prove to be a great silencer during early to mid game, especially when you cannot get Peking Duck yet.

Heal Disable

A specialized CC ability which stops and prevents healing for certain duration. Effective against healers, mostly for catacombs’ bosses who heals massively.

Pizza – First of its kind, the first food soul to stop and prevent healing. Both his basic skill and energy skill stops healing for 3 secs and 5 secs respectively. Even without this ability, Pizza boasts the highest base atk in game and can dish out huge amount of damage. Especially useful in catacombs against bosses with insane healing abilities.

American Corn Bread – Top tier SR damage dealer while also packing the ability to disable heals with her basic skill for 2 secs. She is also equipped with insta-kill ability to kill off staggering enemies. Best paired with Apple Pie to maximize her damage.

Speed Reduce

Another specialized CC ability which reduces atk spd of enemies, thus resulting in less damage taken by own team.

Peking Duck – Basic skill reduces atk spd points from enemies for 3 secs. Even though the atk spd point reduction scales with level, just points are still pretty low in comparison to percentage. Big value add to his already overpowered group silence and high base atk spd.

Double Scoop – High % atk spd reduce for 5 secs but only on their energy skill, which is a downer. Nevertheless, high base atk spd makes up for its damage output.

Team Comp & Synergy

The holy grail of CC for a long time since the start of the game has been Foie Gras, Peking Duck and B-52. They were the top CC of their categories and probably your first taste of CC power. With the introduction of new food souls and artifacts, the role of CC and anti-CC has been opened up to more food souls like Mapo Tofu, Champagne, Cloud Tea etc. This guide will be slowly updated to cover more areas like artifacts.


  1. Wonder if anyone else faces this- Charming UME when Bulimia is still alive results in UME smacking Bulimia, but after Bulimia dies, UME basically ignores charm and keeps smacking my tank. Is it supposed to happen >_<

    • Yep as mentioned there are plenty other food souls with CC but only the recommended ones are shown 🙂

      • What I meant is that TJ has an *excellent* Basic CC : I saw floor 95 passed thanks to him 😉

        • yea i know he has a good cc basic but its very hard to build him. i will add him in then thanks for the feedback!

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