Atk 20/
 Magic  Def 11/
Har Gow  HP 236/
Mang Yin (忙音)  Crit 842/3355
Larissa Gallagher  Crit. Dmg 353/1213
Hayami Saori  Atk Spd 503/1513
Event (Halloween Amusement Park!)
Tsuchigumo Garuda
Sweet Temptations Cheese raises her hand and lowers the defense of the enemy with the highest Atk by 1 point for 3 seconds.
Golden Surprise Cheese unleashes an attack on the enemy with the highest Atk and deals 100% damage plus an additional 300 damage on them.
- -
Work Out The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)0☆
All the Rage II Increases the Restaurant's customer flow by 12/hour. (+6 per level)1☆
Good Appetite Customers have a 5% chance to eat 1 additional portion of food. (+1% per level)3☆
Famous Reputation II Customers give 1 extra fame point at the end of their meal. (+1 per level)5☆

Open-minded and kind-hearted. This Food Soul likes to socialize and has a massive appetite! She can often tease people but gets away with it because of her beauty and intellect. Her favorite thing to do is tease Pizza. When her tricks fail, she can get quite upset. But, just give her some food and she'll be happy again!
Cheese Dairy Product
Third Dynasty of Ur 2000 BC
Energetic 157cm
Likes: Pizza, Cassata Dislikes: Whiskey
I'm hungry again... Let me just indulge a bit!
The origin of cheese is very complex. It's hard to say where and when it originated from as the origins are countless. Pair it with some simple crackers for an afternoon snack, use it in your ramen hotpot as a delicious condiment, or slide it between two pieces of bread to add that extra flavor. No matter how you use cheese, it's always delicious.
[M][Magic] Food Soul

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