Zitui Bun

Zitui Bun
 Atk 52/
 Support  Def 20/
Bamboo Stir Fry  HP 389/
Sun Ye (孙晔)  Crit 1132/5002
-  Crit. Dmg 564/2304
Asari Ryouta  Atk Spd 439/1488
Event (Hit the Mark)
Thundaruda Large Sparrow
Spring Branch Zitui Bun waves a willow branch, restoring 15 HP to all allies, also lowering all enemies' Atk by 5 points for 3 seconds and their Atk Spd by 10% for 3 seconds.
Silent Rain Zitui Bun tosses his bunny into the air, restoring 180 HP to all allies, also making all allies invincible for 2.5 seconds.
- -

Even in a world of chaos, he maintains his integrity and pursues his goals wholeheartedly without seeking power or profit. He stays true to himself and strives to live with a clean conscience. When pushed to the breaking point, he can show a persistence that others have never seen before.
Zitui Bun Staple Food
China 600 BC
Humble 173cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
Perseverance is even more important in a chaotic world.
Zitui Bun, also known as "Lao Mo Mo" or "Old Steamed Bun", is a traditional delicacy of Shanxi province during the Qingming tomb-sweeping festival. A Zitui Bun weighs about one pound, and the process of making them requires many tools used with great care and precision to craft these beautiful object rich with cultural significance. The bun is named after Jie Zitui, a famous hermit of the Spring and Autumn period; and it subsequently became incorporated into the two festivals of Qingming and "Hanshi" cold food day, making Zitui buns into a holiday tradition.
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