Double-Ninth Cake

Double-Ninth Cake
 Atk 44/
 Magic  Def 14/
Mushroom Alfredo  HP 290/
Weng Yuan (翁媛)  Crit 369/1420
-  Crit. Dmg 939/4212
Uesaka Sumire  Atk Spd 383/1093
Team Up
Rum Dumpling Amazake
- Double-Ninth Cake boosts the Atk stat of all friendly units by 5 for 2 seconds.
- Double-Ninth Cake reduces the damage taken by all friendly units by 5% for 5 seconds, also causing 15 points of damage per second to the enemy with the highest Atk stat for 5 seconds.
- -

Double-Ninth Cake comes off as indifferent and cold to everything around her. However, due to her ability to forsee disaster, she often avoids others altogether. If asked what lies ahead, she will not reveal the future, believing that everyone should face their destiny head on.
Double-Ninth Cake Desserts
China 5~6th century
Cold Hands, Warm Heart 167cm
Likes: Osmanthus Cake, Huangshan Maofeng Tea Dislikes: -
Avoiding disasters to ease your mind will not bring peace. Face them head on and overcome them.
This pastry has been around since the Southern Dynasty and has been said to have been eaten at the Double Ninth Festival. Since then, many legends have sprung up around the cake. Today people use Double-Ninth Cake to people able to connect to their heritage.
[R][Magic] Food Soul

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