Atk 18/
 Support  Def 10/
Pineapple Juice  HP 339/
V17-Fu Gui (V17-富贵)  Crit 251/746
-  Crit. Dmg 727/2767
Ichinose Kana  Atk Spd 522/1609
Ranking Event
Poor Spirit Sakura Spirit
Interstitial effect Mousse raises all allies' Atk Spd by 5% for 3 seconds.
Starry Sky Mousse heals all allies for 211 health.
- -

Mousse was once the most famous Food Soul in his country. Regardless whether it is brains, brawls or looks, he excels in them. He has held the title of champion for 10 consecutive years in a Food Soul arena competition. However, his life was packed with a multitude of training partly due to his Master Attendant inculcating this ideal into him: "You must be the perfect Food Soul to be worthy of my investments on you." Therefore, Mousse had no right to choose his lifestyle. His "perfect life" came crashing down after a certain incident where Mousse was blamed for the murder of an important political figure, and was forced to plead guilty under orders of his Master Attendant. Initially, Mousse thought that it was too late when he felt unwillingness and defiance in the face of his death sentence. At that point of time, the few friends he usually treated with sincerity came to his aid, allowing Mousse to escape with his life. Because his loss of Soul Power led to irreversible damage, Mousse took the form of an 8 year old child and lost his memories. But after that, he slowly recovered some fragments of them under his friends' care. He is currently the leader of the travelling group - "Fantasy Opera Troupe".
Mousse Dessert
Europe 18th Century
Quirky 137cm
Likes: Blue Cheese Dislikes: -
Today is the one day we most cannot afford to waste!
Mousse is a creamy dessert made from eggs and cream. It is mainly a combination of chocolate and fruit. It has a light taste and a mellow flavor. The earliest mousse cake in the world was born in the Parisian noble meal in the 18th century. At that time, dessert was an indispensable last part of the noble banquet. After considering the full meal, it was better for the elderly princes and ministers to digest, so that the young princesses and princes could keep in shape. The dessert master Anthony Clem created Mousse with a cool and refreshing taste and a small burden on the stomach.
[M][Support] Food Soul

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