Century Egg

Century Egg
 Atk 46/
 Strength  Def 31/
Lemon Pie  HP 546/
Zhen Yu (振宇)  Crit 581/2386
-  Crit. Dmg 681/2947
Tanaka Shintarou  Atk Spd 1566/5966
Harvest Diary
Queen Conch Warrior Spirit
Vicious Sound Century Egg deals 100% of his Atk stat and an additional 58 points of damage to the foe with the highest Atk, also reducing all enemies' Atk Spd by 10%.
Snow Blade Century Egg deals 40% of his Atk stat and an additional 199 points of damage to all enemies, with a chance to stun them for 5 seconds.
Super Snow Blade Century Egg deals 60% of his Atk stat and an additional 239 points of damage to all enemies, with a chance to stun them for 5 seconds.

His previous Master Attendant was one of the reincarnations of Xuanwu, one of the four gods of Light Kingdom, and the first to unite the people of Light Kingdom. Xuanwu’s only trusted advisor was Century Egg and as a result, he had Century Egg confined within his tomb after his passing, without considering Century Egg’s own wishes. He did so out of a desire to keep Century Egg always by his side, even after death. As Food Souls are immortal, Century Egg was left trapped and alone in the dark for centuries, causing his mental state to disintegrate out of despair. Accidentally saved by Cordyceps and Chisui Moth Tea, he finally saw the light again. Because of his long imprisonment, Century Egg forgot the ways of the world. He merely follows the instructions of his light (Cordyceps) like a machine, viewing him as the light of his heart.
Century Egg Dishes
China 16th Century
Cold 185cm
Likes: Cordyceps, Chishui Moth Tea Dislikes: -
If you can't have light, let it disappear with me.
Songhua egg, also known as preserved egg, is a traditional Chinese flavored egg product. The main raw material is duck eggs, which can also be eggs. The taste is fresh and smooth, slightly salty, unique in color and flavor. Songhua Egg is not only loved by domestic consumers, but also enjoys a good reputation in the international market. After a special processing method, the pine flower eggs will become dark and bright, and there are white patterns on it. When you smell it, you will have a special aroma, which is one of the favorite foods of the people.
[SR][Strength] Food Soul

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