Atk 27/
 Magic  Def 11/
Peanut Pie  HP 207/
Yang Ou (杨鸥)  Crit 618/2372
Kat Cressida  Crit. Dmg 490/1813
Ryuu Seira  Atk Spd 293/778
Starter Unit, Tip Shop
Forker -
Black Spades Imprint Sandwich throws out playing cards, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the enemy with the highest Def plus 10 extra damage, with a probability of decreasing their Def by 4 for 5 seconds.
Card Magic Sandwich does some magic with his playing cards, decreasing all enemies' Atk by 2 and Def by 2 for 4 seconds.
- -
Work Out The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)0☆
Loved by All When customers pay their bills, receive an additional reward of 2 Gold. (+2 per level)1☆
Top Service Customers have a 10% chance to pay an additional 10 Gold when paying their bill. (+2 gold per level)3☆

Aside from playing cards, he doesn't care much about anything else. His most important items are his playing cards.
Sandwich Fast Food
England 18th century
Bold 164cm
Likes: - Dislikes: Popcorn
A little gambling is never an issue!
Sandwich was created by a count who was so busy gambling that he didn't have time to prepare food and eat. So, he resorted to creating something simple yet delicious.
[M][Magic] Food Soul

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