Atk 81/
 Support  Def 30/
Spinach Noodles  HP 546/
Se Gamao (涩尕猫)  Crit 1865/8925
-  Crit. Dmg 1856/8881
Tachibana Rika  Atk Spd 1223/5261
Summon, Shard Fusion, Event (Flavor Frenzy, Golden Pig Arch)
Inugami Sakura Spirit
Five Sacrifice Array Bibimbap raises a hand, increasing the damage dealt by all teammates by 5% for 2 seconds, while also dispelling all debuff states from all teammates.
Five Elements Realm Bibimbap summons a spell that restores 230 HP to all teammates, while also restoring 50 HP for their next 3 basic attacks.
- -

A gentle lady who likes listening to others talk. She's sensitive to others' feelings, hardworking, and thrifty. She enjoys studying the Five Elements and is always peppering her speech with imaginative turns of phrase.
Bibimbap Main Course
Korea Unknown
Demure 166cm
Likes: Doenjang Jigae Dislikes: -
If there's anything I'm needed for, please feel free to ask.
Bibimbap ingredients include many different vegetables, and it's compatible with meats and seafood. It's not only delicious, but also wonderfully colorful. It is like a master class on the Theory of the Five Elements in food form.
[UR][Support] Food Soul

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