Disaster Guide – Dreamer

Main features and attributes of Dreamer

● Deals fixed damage to nearest 3 targets with stun.
● AOE fixed damage, reduce energy of targets by 50 points.
● AOE fixed damage, instant kill targets with HP less than 30%.
● Atk and Def buffs at fixed timings.

Countering the 3 main features

1. Deals fixed damage to nearest 3 targets with stun .

This feature happens once every 12s with a 5s stun. Cleansers needed for this feature, most recommended food souls will preferably be healers with both group heals like Bibimbap, Nagashi Somen and Laba Congee. Stun immunity can also be considered with food souls like Huangshan Maofeng or Rum. However their DPS will fall short compared to the top tiers. Tangyuan with node 5 artifact will be a good choice for the healer slot if another food soul can take up the cleanser role.


2. AOE fixed damage, reduce energy of targets by 50 points .

Triggers every 18-22s. Damage is not significant or high enough to cause much trouble but reduction of energy can be troublesome for energy teams. Recommended to use speed team.

3. AOE fixed damage, instant kill targets with HP less than 30%

Triggers every 35-40s. Damage is not significant. Because damage from this boss is fixed, HP of your team can and should be as high as possible to prevent HP reaching below 30%. Tank is not needed unless for beginners

Team Composition & Fallen Angels

As mentioned above in the 3rd feature, Dreamers deal fixed damage and the damage is not high. Thus a tank is not needed for the normal players. Attackers or DPS are recommended to use pure attackers as usual like Champagne, Pizza, Turkey, Bamboo Rice, Boston Lobster, Sanma, Cassata, American Corn Bread, Red Wine, Hamburger, Black Tea. Recommended buff will be 100% Crit for more damage.

Artifact Power

Certain artifacts bring about necessary abilities to aid in boss fights like cleansing and dispelling. These artifacts mostly require opening up several nodes but can prove to be super useful and effective. Currently food souls with these artifacts is Boston Lobster. Other artifacts with significant buffs to attacking food souls can also greatly improve damage output. Basically artifacts are the top considerations in endgame.


Team Comp 1 (Conventional) :

  • 1 x Healer
  • 4 x Attackers

Most conventional team comp using 1 healer preferably a cleanser which can be Bibimbap, Nagashi Somen or Laba Congee. This team comp is suitable for players with no Beer or Beer with not enough Atk Spd. Tangyuan with node 5 can also be used by end game players, which will need a cleanser slot in attackers. Cleansing attackers can be food souls like Boston Lobster, Souffle etc.

Team Comp 2 (Revivals) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 4 x Attackers

Unconventional team comp using revives to last the fight. Using tank to prolong the fight, the tank and the attackers cannot be too strong to sustain. When the 1 attacker dies, the rest of attackers must die quickly so revival can be used to bring back whole team as soon as possible.

Team Comp 3 (Beer Power) :

  • 1 x Beer
  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer

This team comp will be the most common for mid to end game players with Beer of good quality. Healer as usual will preferably be cleansers. Atk Spd is the crucial stat for the team comp ensure top speed. For super end game players, Tangyuan is another option for healer if cleanser is available for attacker slot.