Atk 29/
 Magic  Def 11/
Cheese Bread  HP 233/
Xia Lei (夏磊)  Crit 965/4336
Jeff Schine  Crit. Dmg 1414/6534
Eguchi Takuya  Atk Spd 247/617
Summon, Delivery, Airship
Sakura Spirit Tanuki
Awake Coffee uses a bitter taste to stimulate his teammates, increasing the attack speed of the team's current highest attacking target by 15 points over 4 seconds.
Fragrance Torrent Coffee sends a torrential current to batter all enemies, dealing damage of 40%, plus an extra 180 points of damage. But has a probability of causing 90 points of damage to himself over 1 second.
Super Fragrance Torrent Coffee disturbs the flow of aromas to all enemies, dealing 60% damage per strike, plus an extra 130 points of damage.

A standard businessman with very cohesive & strong leadership skills. His demeanor manages to attract many young women. He can be a little unpredictable.
Coffee Beverages
Ethiopia 11~13th Century
Witty 179cm
Likes: Chocolate, Milk, Tiramisu Dislikes: -
I will make you taste the sweetness of angels out of the bitterness of devils.
Coffee is a hot, or cold, beverage enjoyed by men and women. The aroma from a single cup of coffee can fill an entire room. It's the perfect wake-up call.
[R][Magic] Food Soul

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