Atk 43/
 Magic  Def 8/
Popcorn  HP 247/
Liu Yao (刘垚)  Crit 467/6728
Jeff Schine  Crit. Dmg 441/2725
Abe Atsushi  Atk Spd 1213/3548
Team Up
Fanged Snail Prajna
Soda Tide Cola's control liquid encircles the enemy party's highest defense target, dealing 100% damage, adding 15 damage and reducing the target's defense power by 5% for 2 sec.
Free Burst Cola kicks the cans to the enemy, inflicting 40% of their damage and adding 58 damage, then deals 30 damage per second for 3 seconds to the enemy.
- -

A young kid with a lot of personality. He is an advocate of freedom and is a very loyal companion. He adores music; especially rock and rap.
Cola Beverages
United States 20th Century
Uninhibited 174cm
Likes: Hamburger Dislikes: -
Hey~ you know?! I'm a good medicine for relieving fatigue.
Cola is beloved by young people around the world. It's not only refreshing but also a great drink to use for cooking!
[R][Magic] Food Soul

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