VIP Balcony Guide

Main features

  • Unlocks when restaurant reaches level 8.
  • Balcony level will be similar to restaurant level.
  • 5 VIPs daily with option to get another 5 by buying with 50 crystals.
  • Server in balcony is independent of this feature (Will not be affected from exploration and restaurant duties) and does not deplete freshness.


  • Rewards include gold, ingredients, fame, mystery chests. These mystery chests give 500 cooking power each.
  • Fame obtained is calculated into Restaurant Fame rankings.
  • Chance to get anecdotes from specific served VIPs. Collect all anecdotes from VIP to receive Momentos.


  • Up to 10 Momentos can be showcased and displayed on the wall.
  • Momentos have special effects when displayed on wall, effects only applicable within this feature:
    • Increase Gold earnings.
    • Increase Fame earnings.
    • Incresed Item earnings.

Restaurant Skills

B-52 Alien Loner Skeleton
Peking Duck Important Matter Pregnant Woman
Vodka Andre Little Shota
Chocolate Warm Heart Princess
Brownie Cute by Contrast Girl
Hamburger Free-Wheeling Robber
Hotdog Art’s Resonance Delinquent
Sanma Cat’s healing Loli
Black Tea Overbearing Force Pirate
Laba Congee Youth Concern Granny
Mango Pudding Idol Charm Otaku
Yogurt Good Care Old Grandpa
Gyoza Bundle of Joy Nian


Permanent feature to act as a ingredient sink while providing nice rewards. Works in conjunction with fishing hole and other features to even out currencies and resources in the game. Thus there is no need to rush and focus too much to upgrade the restaurant skills of the above specific food souls. Just do it normally to finish memento by memento or switch out the server every few days to even out the anecdotes earned.

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