Milk Tea

Milk Tea
 Atk 42/
 Support  Def 21/
Chicken Pizza  HP 346/
Yu Tou (昱头)  Crit 734/3114
Kirsten Day  Crit. Dmg 413/1588
Sugiura Shiori  Atk Spd 699/2549
Summon, Shard Fusion, Event (Warm Regards, Daily Sign In)
Prajna Koi
Shrooms The pearls surrounding Milk Tea dance back and forth, restoring 36 health points to the friendly unit with the lowest health, while simultaneously making each of her next 3 normal attacks increase her energy level by 1 point.
Book of Meaning The pages of the books surrounding Milk Tea riffle quickly, restoring 120 health points to all friendly units, while simultaneously making it so that each of her next 5 normal attacks will restore 15 health points to all friendly units.
- -

A girl who likes to travel and document everything she sees in her diary. Likes to examine and discover strange artifacts and incidents and then document it in her personal diary. However, to this date she still hasn't uncovered the secrets behind Miss Black Tea's past. And if she has Miss Milk repeatedly do the same thing, what on earth will happen?
Milk Tea Beverages
Taiwan 20th century
Nerdy 160cm
Likes: Black Tea, Milk Dislikes: -
I want to see the world and document my travels.
Milk Tea originated from South East Asia. Although Milk Tea first appeared in Taiwan in the 80s of the 20th century, it has quickly become a beloved drink around the world. It is considered one of Taiwan's cultural heritage beverages and is one of the most delicious beverages out there.
[SR][Support] Food Soul

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