Mung Bean Soup

Mung Bean Soup
 Atk 45/
 Support  Def 16/
Steamed Unagi  HP 412/
Er Jiao (二娇)  Crit 693/2918
-  Crit. Dmg 685/2880
Yuuki Kana  Atk Spd 439/1488
Event (Where's Mung Bean?, Get Warmed Up, Anniversary Bounty Mission, Starry Brilliance (Super))
Conchi Hermit Crab
Lucky Hit Heals the teammate with the lowest HP by 20 points, while making them invincible for 1 second.
Grant a Wish Heals the teammate with the lowest HP by 220 points, while removing all negative effects for all team members.
- -

A girl with supernatural luck, a bright smile, and a candid personality. She is surprisingly wise, and sometimes reveals poignant insight that seems inconsistent with her appearance. She is interested in medicine, and also reads books on herbal remedies. She always adds herbal medicine to her Recipes--her intent is to improve everybody's health, but it results in the food looking unappetizing.
Mung Bean Soup Beverages
China Before 10th century
Cheerful 156cm
Likes: Butter Tea Dislikes: -
Isn't it lovely, to enjoy a tranquil life~
In the past, drinking Mung Bean Soup was one of the many ways to beat the summer heat. It was popular because it quenched the thirst in addition to dispelling heat. Therefore, not only are its healing qualities recorded in many medical books, it also receives a warm welcome from the public during the summer.
[SR][Support] Food Soul

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