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Food souls are the core of the game and battling with them forms a huge part of the game. On the outside it may seem that fighting is just putting together 5 food souls and get as many linked skills according to the tips, but it gets deeper and there are many hidden algorithms, techniques and tricks. There are terminologies of combat and battle within this guide and our other guides, and if you are unsure of these terminologies, scroll to the end of the article for a breakdown.


The 4 main classes in the game. The table below shows their main role and inbuilt damage reduction. Defense naturally is the tank with the most damage reduction. Aside from their main roles, food souls are often equipped with other sub abilities like cc, buffs or debuffs.

DefenseTank class. Reduces damage intake from normal attacks by about 40%.
StrengthMelee attacker. Reduces damage intake from normal attacks by about 25%.
MagicRanged attacker. Reduces damage intake from normal attacks by about 20%.
SupportHealer and support class. Reduces damage intake from normal attacks by about 10%.


The 4 main stats of concern are Atk, Atk Spd, Def and HP. Crit and Crit. Dmg are not having much impact on the current game state, thus not recommended to focus on them. The 2 main debates revolve around the 4 main stats – Atk vs Atk Spd and Def vs HP.

AtkInfluences the Food Soul’s Attack value. The higher the Attack power, the more damage it will inflict.
DefReduces the damage inflicted by an enemy’s normal attacks.
HPIncreases the Food Soul’s survival ability.
CritIncreases the Crit/Burst rate for normal attacks.
Crit. DmgIncreases the damage inflicted by a normal attack’s Crit/Burst attack.
Atk SpdIncreases the speed of normal attacks, and can cause Basic skill to activate more often.

Atk vs Atk Spd – This is a very much debated topic but after the game progresses, we have come to realize the effectiveness of Atk Spd over Atk at the current end game state. This topic brings much confusion because of the non-linear pattern of Atk Spd’s effectiveness.

After some basic research and data collection, if we assumed Atk is a linear progression stat and Atk Spd is a non-linear progression stat, we can see from the graph above why there is a discrepancy. The graph is a very basic not to scale explanation of Atk vs Atk Spd. Atk stat is effective at the start because the scaling of Atk Spd is not very good when it is below 15-16k. Upon reaching 15-16k Atk Spd, there is jump in effectiveness in which the food soul can do 1 normal attack per second. This is the point where Atk stat will fall behind and Atk Spd starts winning.

When Atk Spd reaches 17-18k, the scaling spiked drastically and continues bringing more effectiveness to the food soul till 29-30k Atk Spd. At 25-26k Atk Spd, your food soul will be hitting 2 normal attacks per second. When the Atk Spd hits 29-30k, it maxed out at around 2.4 normal attacks per second and remains stagnant no matter how high Atk Spd goes.

Atk Spd effectiveness benchmarks:

  • 15-16k, ~1 hit/s
  • 21-22k, ~1.5 hit/s
  • 25-26k, ~2 hits/s
  • >29k, ~2.4 hits/s

If you are observant, you might be able to tell that if the graph goes on, Atk will eventually overtake Atk Spd if Atk continues in a linear trend with no maxed amount. However this will require very high stat value which might be close to lvl 200, unless there is a change in Atk Stat scaling at high levels which we do not yet know.

Def vs HP – Def involves many various factors including Def stat, level of food soul, enemies faced and maybe even class of food soul. There are too many factors to determine effectiveness of Def. Thus we could not find a definite max amount of Def but according to basic calculations, the Def should be at least 400-600 for a tank. Important note for Def is that Def only affects normal attacks and not skills. HP, on the other hand, we want it to be as high as possible when facing an enemy with fixed damage. When facing an enemy with % based damage, we would need to control the HP to allow your healer to top up your tank easier.


Statuses are effects currently affected the food souls or your enemies. They appear as tiny square pictures below the HP bar and serves as a notification. It may not seem important but observing statuses can help to determine what went wrong with your team comp and how your enemies are reacting to your teams’ abilities, thus helping in the process of your team forming.

Buffs – Statuses that have positive effects, either on your team or enemies. When enemies acquire buffs, we use the term dispel to refer to the ability to remove such buffs.

Atk UpIncreases Atk Stat
Def UpIncreases Def Stat
HP UpIncreases HP Stat
Crit UpIncreases Crit Stat
Crit Dmg UpIncrease Crit Damage Stat
Atk Spd UpIncreases Atk Spd Stat
Dmg UpIncreases Damage Done
Dmg Received DownDecreases Damage Received
ShieldAbsorbs specific amount of Damage
HealHeals specific amount of HP over Time
Basic ImmunityImmune to normal attacks
Skill ImmunityImmune to skills
InvincibilityImmune to All Damage and Skills.

Debuffs – Statuses that have negative effects, either on your team or enemies. When own team acquires debuffs, we use the term cleanse to refer to the ability to remove such debuffs.

Atk DownDecreases Atk Stat
Def DownDereases Def Stat
HP DownDecreases HP Stat
Crit DownDecreases Crit Stat
Crit Dmg DownDecrease Crit Damage Stat
Atk Spd DownDecreases Atk Spd Stat
Dmg DownDecreases Damage Done
Dmg Received DownIncreases Damage Received
BleedDeals specific amount of Damage over Time
Heal DisableDisable all forms of HP recovery

Crowd Control – Skill that reduces defined group or individual’s capacity to execute movements or abilities that are against the interests of controller. More about CC in our CC guide.

CharmTakes control of enemies to attack their own
StunStops all forms of actions
SilencePrevents casting of skills
Heal DisablePrevents any form of HP recovery
Speed ReduceReduce atk spd of enemies
FrozenStops all forms of actions (Only from PVE content)

Battle Priority

Ever wonder which food soul will get attacked first or last? This is determined by a fixed priority list. However there is a preceding priority of classes. Followed by a priority of leader position if tied.

The whole Battle Priority List can be found here.

Team Forming

Coming soon~

Summary & Tips

  • Atk Spd is only effective upon reaching 15-16k or more. Before that, Atk is more effective.
  • Atk Spd effectiveness benchmarks:
    • 15-16k, ~1 hit/s
    • 21-22k, ~1.5 hit/s
    • 25-26k, ~2 hits/s
    • >29k, ~2.4 hits/s
  • Def should be effective and enough with 400-600 Def Stat.
  • Def only affects damage received from normal attacks and not skills.
  • Crowd Control (CC) is effective and useful in certain aspects of battling. Refer to CC Guide for more info.
  • Fallen Angels are critically important to your food soul for battle. Refer to our Fallen Angel Guide for more info.
  • Artifacts are important towards end-game to provide additional damage and abilities. Refer to our Artifacts Guide for more info.


  • DPS – Damage per second, also refers to Attackers.
  • CC – Crowd Control.
  • Buffs – Statuses that have positive effects, either on your team or enemies.
  • Debuffs – Statuses that have negative effects, either on your team or enemies.
  • Dispel – Removing buffs from enemies.
  • Cleanse – Removing debuffs from own team.
  • Tank – Refers to the food soul who is taking the damage or a Defense class food soul.

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