Atk 25/
 Magic  Def 10/
Peanut Crisps  HP 245/
Hei Shi (黑石)  Crit 406/1443
Max Reid  Crit. Dmg 337/1145
Sawashiro Chiharu  Atk Spd 1045/3410
Summon, Tip Shop, Event (Patrol Time)
Ghostella Ghostern
Pudding Shield In order to protect his team, Pudding projects a shield around the team member with the lowest health, which absorbs 30 damage for 3 seconds.
Caramel Spew Pudding cannot control his anger! He sprays a large quantity of caramel to sweep away all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk as damage to all enemies plus 150 extra damage.
- -
Work Out The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)0☆
Good Appetite Customers have a 5% chance to eat 1 additional portion of food. (+1% per level)1☆
Gain Fame Customers give 1 extra fame point at the end of their meals. (+1 per level)3☆

A solemn young man who is inflexible and likes for everything to be in order. He is rather cold to those around him but is extremely attentive to Jello. He will always walk by her side & act as her escort.
Pudding Desserts
England 16th century
Strict 167cm
Likes: Jello Dislikes: Omurice
Nuance and pragmatism are the only professional skills a broker needs.
Pudding was born in England. It has now become a dessert that has traveled around the world. Children love it and so do adults!
[M][Magic] Food Soul

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