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So you have conquered all 3 cuisines: Gloriville, Light Kingdom and Sakurajima and now stand at the top. Is there truly nothing else to learn? Do you stick to your first cuisine’s Fame recipes, and not bother to level up the rest? If you see yourself in these words, then this guide is for you.

You are at a standstill at the pinnacle and don’t know where to go. For us chefs, stagnation means regression.

– Gin Dojima to Kojiro Shinomiya (Shokugeki no Soma)

Comparison of Fame recipes for each cuisine

All dishes are S rank with max Flavour.

Pineapple Juice: 11 Fame, 60s eating time

– 0.183 Fame/s

Butter Bread: 12 Fame, 70s eating time

– 0.171 Fame/s

Cold Tofu: 13 Fame, 90s eating time

– 0.144 Fame/s

From the above comparison, you can see that the highest Fame/s is Pineapple Juice.


Do I just serve Pineapple Juice then?

If it’s that straightforward, I don’t even have to write this guide. You have to know that the shorter the eating time, the faster your customers finish and leave. Therefore, you have to ensure that your restaurant is always full.

What you need to do depends on your M Food Souls, restaurant rank and dishes’ aroma value. You need to actually care about your restaurant, at least when setting up, and observe the flow of customers.

The key point is to maximize your Fame gain while keeping the restaurant full at all times.


Which dish should I serve?

You mean, which dishes should you serve. Aroma values stack. Therefore, for a good chunk of the game you need to serve at least 2 different dishes. There are 4 different scenarios, dependent on whether your restaurant is full, from best to worst:


Pineapple Juice

Yes, I know what I said. However, this strategy has to be refined with the addition of Strawberry Daifuku & Cheese as both of them hold the 3 key skills to climbing Fame Rankings. While us non-whales probably won’t have them at 5*, their skills that increase customer flow unlock at 3* and 1* respectively. Thanks to that, I was able to achieve full house using only Pineapple Juice (tested with my lvl 15 restaurant with Skewer+Cheese+Popcorn).

The drawback to this strategy is that you won’t have as good gold gain.


Pineapple Juice + Butter Bread

Adding butter bread in to stack Aroma values i.e. increase customer flow can help you to achieve full house. This strategy also increases gold gain as butter bread is Light Kingdom’s best gold dish.


Pineapple Juice + Butter Bread + Cold Tofu

If your restaurant still isn’t always full, use Cold Tofu’s longer eating time to offset that when needed.


Butter Bread + Cold Tofu

If you can’t achieve any of the above scenarios, take a few steps back and use this combo which is even less of a demand on customer flow.


Which M Food Souls should I use?

These are the key skills needed:

All the Rage: Increases customer flow

All the Rage II: Increases customer flow (stronger than above)

Gain Fame / Famous Reputation: Increases fame gain

Famous Reputation II: Increases fame gain (stronger than above)

Good Appetite: % chance for customer to eat 1 extra dish


We will be looking at the following M Food Souls:

Popcorn 3*: All the Rage (All roles)

Pudding 3*: Good Appetite (Supervisor, Waiter) + Gain Fame (Supervisor, Waiter)

Pancake 3*: Gain Fame (Supervisor, Waiter)

Skewer 0*: All the Rage (All roles)

Strawberry Daifuku 5*: All the Rage (All roles) + Gain Fame (Supervisor, Waiter) + Good Appetite (Supervisor, Waiter)

Cheese 5*: All the Rage II (All roles) + Famous Reputation II (Supervisor, Waiter) + Good Appetite (Supervisor, Waiter)

Rice 5*: All the Rage II (All roles) + Famous Reputation II (Supervisor, Waiter) + Good Appetite (Supervisor, Waiter)

There’s the reason why people whaled for 5* Cheese and Rice.


In early-game, Popcorn/Skewer should each take a role of Supervisor and Chef, and Pudding+Pancake should be the Waiters.

As Skewer’s freshness level can’t be increased, she’s more suitable to be a Supervisor here.

In mid-game, Pudding should be the Supervisor, Popcorn / Skewer should each take a role of Chef and Corpse Waiter (mentioned below), Pancake should be the Waiter and if you have Strawberry Daifuku 1* or Cheese 3*, they should be Waiters on rotation.

This isn’t set in stone, others might prefer different ways of doing it.

In late-game, Cheese / Rice should each take a role of Supervisor and Waiter, Popcorn / Skewer should each take a role of Chef and Corpse Waiter, and Strawberry Daifuku should be the Waiter. If your customer flow is enough, you can rotate Strawberry Daifuku with Pudding to conserve potions.

Pancake falls short at this point due to only having 1 key skill, but you can still use him as a Waiter if you can’t serve all the customers. It’s better to only use 2 Waiters, the reason to which will be explained later.

The other Chef spot is free for rotation but often prioritized for Toast, as at 5* he is capable of increasing gold gain through the roof. However as this guide is for Fame Rankings only, I shan’t go into that.


Strategy: hanging Corpse Waiters

Let’s say you already have 5* Cheese as the Supervisor and only have 1 Chef spot available, but you need the ‘increases customer flow’ skill from Skewer+Popcorn to achieve full house. In such a case, you simply have to deplete their freshness to 0 and leave them there as a Waiter. Without them actually serving, they won’t affect fame gain as the only skill that takes effect is the customer flow skill.

The new Commission Vouchers will cause Corpse Waiters to work, so take note when the system is released.


Why do you only fill up 2 Waiter slots?!

After testing the strategy myself, I’ve discovered that the skills ‘Gain Fame’ and ‘Good Appetite’ aren’t passive when the Food Souls are Waiters – they only affect the customer they serve. In other words, having Sandwich or other M souls with weaker abilities serving customers alongside them slows down your fame gain. If they are in the Supervisor role though, it applies throughout.

While it may be ideal to only have Food Souls with the ‘Gain Fame’ and ‘Good Appetite’ skill serving your restaurant all at times, you put yourself at a risk of not serving customers fast enough and making them leave. This means that you have to balance customer flow & eating time with the number of waiters.

2 Waiters + Skewer Corpse being just fine in my restaurant

To maximize earnings, you also need to be really active in managing your restaurant. In the week where I placed 9th, I had to return to my restaurant every hour to restore freshness and cook dishes. If I had Cheese 5*, I’d probably have placed higher (T▽T)

It was a week void of REM sleep. My body was crying and my immune system went on vacation.

With the addition of the “Commissioned Shopkeeper” system, it’s now easier!


Can I get top rank in Fame after reading this guide?

If it’s that easy, we’d have a lot more professional athletes running around after watching workout videos. Aroma values are randomly added when leveling up the dishes, and Fame gain is said to be 10% chance with every dish, so coming up top does rely somewhat on RNG.

Ultimately, master Attendants with better restaurants, Food Souls and luck win out, just like in other aspects of the game.


Closing Words

This guide is adapted from herehere and here.

I’d suggest that you dedicate special weeks to climbing the Fame Rankings, using potions on the important M Food Souls on those weeks to not waste them in the Ice Arena. Your potion stocks might not be sustainable enough to do this often. So save up, and go ham in a week!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this useful~ 

IGN: roujo

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