Atk 17/
 Defense  Def 27/
Pickled Salmon Head  HP 389/
San Mu (三木)  Crit 356/1316
Chris Niosi  Crit. Dmg 294/1024
Abe Atsushi  Atk Spd 241/596
Summon, Event (Snack Time!)
Tanuki Catus Spirit
Lightning Shield Eclair projects a shield of light around himself, which absorbs 15 damage for 2 seconds.
Thor's Judgment Eclair summons lightning, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to a single enemy unit, plus 130 extra damage. Additionally, he stuns that unit for 3 seconds.
- -

Moody adolescents sometimes act out in strange ways to get people's attention. They may seem unreasonable, but they actually have their own principles that they adhere to. Since they're too self-conscious in their daily lives, they have a hard time communicating with other people.
Eclair Desserts
France Unknown
Sophomore 181cm
Likes: Napoleon Cake Dislikes: -
I want to move like lightning, so get off my coattails!
The name eclair (which means "flash of lightning" in French) is said to come from the fact that people move like lightning to gobble them up whenever they're around. Another theory is the name comes from the lightning-shaped cracks that form when it's baked. Whatever the reason, the name is now synonymous with delicious.
[R][Defense] Food Soul

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