Atk 17/
 Strength  Def 11/
Onion Fried Rice  HP 298/
Huang Ying (黄莺)  Crit 418/1453
Cindy Robinson  Crit. Dmg 473/1739
Ryuu Seira  Atk Spd 898/2893
Summon, Tip Shop
Puffin Fanged Snail
Thunder Fire Needle Skewer hurls a fiery moxa pole, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy target plus 20 extra damage. Also deals 10 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Spicy Cooking Skewer cooks her special hot and numbing cuisine, using the flavor to awaken the hidden potential of her team members. Raises Atk by 6 points for all team members for 3.5 seconds.
- -
All the Rage Increases the Restaurant's customer flow by 10/hour. (+5 per level)0☆
Ordering Expert The maximum number of Recipes that can be sold in the Restaurant's showcase is increased by 10. (+2 per level; level 10 max)1☆
Swift Wind Round trip delivery time is decreased by 5%. (+1% per level)3☆

This is a woman who is always angry and agitated. It's best to leave her alone and avoid making contact with her.
Skewer Refreshments
China 1980s
Tenderhearted 176cm
Likes: Spicy Gluten Dislikes: -
You need to look for something inside yourself before you demand it from others, do you understand?
The spicy and delicious Skewer can satisfy anyone's cravings. How could you possibly resist something so hot?
[M][Strength] Food Soul

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