Atk 21/
 Support  Def 15/
Grilled Corn  HP 202/
V17-Su Wan (V17-苏婉)  Crit 394/1354
Kat Cressida  Crit. Dmg 524/1904
Yuuki Aoi  Atk Spd 706/2265
Summon, Tip Shop, Event (Patrol Time)
Night Sparrow -
Sweet and Sour Gelatin Jello uses chewy jelly to soothe everyone's spirit, restoring 60 HP to the team member with the lowest HP percentage.
Idol Power The strength of Jello's smile and beautiful voice restore 30 HP to all team members, while also removing all positive effects from all enemy units.
- -
Work Out The Food Soul's Freshness is increased by 10 points. (+10 per level)0☆
Lovable Customers pay 5% more Gold when paying their bill. (+1% per level; level 10 max)1☆
Cooking Expert When the Food Soul's in the kitchen making a Recipe, production time is decreased by 5%. (+1% per level)3☆

A young girl with a lot of heart and vitality. Her sweet and beautiful singing voice can lift the spirits of even the saddest souls. She's also quite popular amongst everyone.
Jello Snacks
Unknown 19th Century
Enthusiastic 147cm
Likes: Pudding, Omurice Dislikes: -
I love being with everyone, they're my source of strength!
Jello is a sweet and popular dessert around the world. It can be made in various ways with a wide variety of colors and flavors.
[M][Support] Food Soul

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