Fallen Angels Guide

What are Fallen Angels?

Simply put, they are ‘pets’ that you equip to your Food Souls to boost their stats. You can purify them (require time but 100% success rate) or rudely awaken them (chance to fail). Therefore, an obvious choice would be to only purify Fallen Angel ‘A’s.

Awaken the rest if you need fodder. Who cares if it fails?


Does the nature matter?

Yes it does. There are 6 possible natures: Brave, Cautious, Resolute, Energetic, Meticulous and Staunch. They boost stats given by the Fallen Angels (not your Food Soul’s base stats).

Brave: +50% to ATK

Cautious: +50% to HP

Resolute: +50% to ATK SPD

Energetic: +50% to CRIT RATE

Meticulous: +50% to CRIT DMG

Perseverance: +50% to DEF

You can craft syringes/capsules to increase rates for certain natures or to prevent a specific nature in Research -> Magic Food. Use the magic items by ‘watering’ them when they are being purified, then click the ‘+’ to slot it in. You get 3 free ‘water’ per day. When you ‘water’, it fills a random percentage of the bar. You might even get lucky and fill the whole bar (5/5) with just 1 ‘water’, letting you slot in 2 magic dishes. You can refill the water with the universal mediator buyable in shop with crystals.

Personally, I spread out the water to try and ‘maximize’ slotting chances.

I also couldn’t find any information, even in Mandarin, on whether the syringes can stack to give 80% chance of getting a nature, but all the posts that I’ve seen agree on the fact that it’s ultimately all RNG.

I used to slot 2 syringes but have never gotten favourable results, so now I simply use 1 syringe + 1 capsule if I can slot 2 magic dishes.


Which nature is recommended? Which stats should I have on them?

Generally, Brave (ATK) and Cautious (HP). Cautious Fallen Angels are mainly for healers / tanks and Brave Fallen Angels are for attackers.

Tanks should have full HP because DEF isn’t useful except in World Boss. I’ve not found ATK SPD to be exceptionally helpful for healers in early-game, but around 6.4 ATK gives 1 extra HP heal in the normal attack. Although it doesn’t really matter since you mainly rely on the Basic Skill and Energy Skill (both are fixed numbers) to heal, people generally run 3 HP 1 ATK since the extra line of HP doesn’t really help much.

Except for World Bosses, which I will discuss briefly later.

For Brave Fallen Angels on attackers (Strength / Magic), 3 ATK 1 HP is recommended in the beginning. Once the Food Souls are ascended a few times and have higher base HP, you can reroll that HP line for more ATK.

For Strength souls, you can also use Cautious Fallen Angels to make them a ‘high-HP tank’. This is usually done somewhere mid-game if you don’t have a good enough tank yet, and you have access to easily ascended Strength Food Souls like Hamburger or Yuxiang.



HP is generally more effective than DEF. This helpful guide made by u/yakarope1 explains the specifics.



The effectiveness of ATK SPD isn’t universal. Tests were run on the highest ATK SPD Food Soul Peking Duck, and it was found that the general DPS i.e. damage was roughly the same. However, that’s for 5⭐Peking Duck. Using ATK SPD meant that the DPS of the Energy skill will be lowered, with a difference of 8309 to 6800 for Peking Duck.

To truly benefit from ATK SPD, the Food Soul would need over 10000 ATK SPD to see a noticeable difference in the attack animation, and around 20000 ATK SPD to attack twice in 1 second. Other than Peking Duck, how many Food Souls can hit 20000? Not to mention you’ll need to specifically build a Tsuchigumo / Uke Mochi E to even use ATK SPD (explained later).

ATK SPD doesn’t affect energy recovery rate. In the test, Peking Duck recovered his energy in 32~35 seconds regardless of whether the ATK or ATK SPD Fallen Angel was used. ATK SPD also doesn’t increase the chances of the activation of the Basic Skill, it’s still RNG. It simply seems that way because the Food Soul is going through more animations at a faster pace, which means the frequency of activation was increased, not the chance. ATK SPD also has a soft cap, reported to be around 28000~30000 from the CN side.

To conclude, you shouldn’t use ATK SPD over ATK for every single Food Soul, since you need around 20000 to negate the lost DPS in the Energy skill. If you are trying to maximize usage of the Basic Skill though, is another story entirely.

ATK SPD also has a place in World Boss and high Catacombs floors, to which I will discuss near the end of this guide.



Unlike many other games, the CRIT RATE isn’t based on % in Food Fantasy. Although Food Souls like Black Tea/B52 have high CRIT DMG, it doesn’t seem like criticals activate often enough to use over ATK.


Rerolling stats on Fallen Angels

The process is called ‘smelting’ and can be found in Train -> Smelt. You will need Spirit Reincarnators to pull the slots and reroll stats on individual lines. Spirit Reincarnators are a scarce resource so don’t waste them on unusable Fallen Angels. I’ve also heard discussions about how you have to see the stat and good numbers (purple / gold) on the wheel to even have the chance to roll the stats, but it’s probably just RNG. I’ve also noticed the numbers changing randomly while rolling. With that said, many players including myself still prefer to see them before we roll, if only to make ourselves feel better.

It’s one of those ‘just in case’ things, I guess :p

C’mon… You are almost perfect 🙁


Should I use Blue Fallen Angels?

Of course, you have to start with Blue Fallen Angels to survive, but after you have stronger units and more resources at your disposal, I’d suggest that you invest only in Purple Fallen Angels to eventually replace the Blue Fallen Angels. Don’t use Spirit Reincarnators on Blue Fallen Angels anymore at that point.

Who else has a +7 Prajna they trained for Milk? T^T

Alternatively, as u/hipsterfont on reddit pointed out, you could build Blue Fallen Angels to lvl 30 and +10 enhancement first to help you clear content, then build Purple Fallen Angels later to replace them, since you only start seeing the difference when Purple Fallen Angels are at around +7 as compared to a Blue Fallen Angel which is +10.

However, for this method you will be using resources to build something temporary, which doesn’t sit well with me so I don’t do it. We do have other things we need to spend gold on and Spirit Reincarnators are scarce, so it’s really your own choice. Clear the content first, or steadily progress towards the end product?


Which Purple Fallen Angels are good?

First, look at this table from the Chinese wiki that I’ve translated:

Uke Mochi
Queen Conch
Leaf Ocean Queen189180160200225
Uke Mochi (Enhanced)

From +0~+10, Fallen Angels that have a ‘link’ with a Food Soul still lose out to Tsuchigumo / Uke Mochi E, like so:

‘Linked’ Fallen Angel’s HP (Gold) = 595×110% = 654.5

Tsuchigumo / Uke Mochi E’s HP (Gold) = 700

The benefits overpowered the bonds #tooreal

From +11 onwards, ‘linked’ Fallen Angels evolve and provide +20% instead of +10%, which means that:

‘Linked’ Fallen Angel’s HP (Gold)=595×120% = 714

You’ll get higher stats with ‘linked’ Fallen Angels as compared to using Tsuchigumo / Uke Mochi E (except for ATK SPD).

Bonds prevail in the end!


Okay, what should I do with all those unusable Fallen Angels though?

White / Blue Fallen Angels -> Use for training (feed for EXP). Your Fallen Angels unlock their stat lines through levels.

Unusable Purple Fallen Angels -> Use the same Fallen Angels for enhancing the ‘good’ one. Also called ‘dog food’, every successful enhancement further raises the stat on each line:

It doesn’t matter whether you get the stat first or enhance the Fallen Angel first. Once it’s enhanced, the stat you get will automatically be of the correct tier.


Evolution Stones

Evolution Stones are used to evolve Fallen Angels to ‘legendary’ tier, allowing for +11~+20 enhancements & +20% stat boost to ‘linked’ Food Souls.

The way to get them is to throw Spirit Eggs into the smelter. Once you hit 100 Spirit Particles, you can smelt them and get 1~5 Evolution Stones randomly. Fallen Angel ‘E’s and ‘D’s give 1 Spirit Particle each, Fallen Angel ‘C’s give 2 Spirit Particles each, Fallen Angel ‘B’s give 3 Spirit Particles each and if you are desperate, Fallen Angel ‘A’s give 5 Spirit Particles each.

Evolution Stones are obtainable from explorations and events too


That sounds like a lot of work

That’s not the only thing. It’s the most, if not one of the most expensive things to do in the game. The silver lining is that after +10 there’s a karma system to ease our suffering.

The journey to power just doesn’t end, doesn’t it?


World Boss (Disasters)

World Bosses are special cases that require special Fallen Angels. I am not going to go into detail since it belongs more in a World Boss guide like this one for Aluna, but the general idea is that when fighting Aluna and Devouring Beast (disaster version), their attacks scale with highest HP so you’ll need Perseverance (DEF) Fallen Angels on Tanks. You’ll also want Resolute (ATK SPD) / Brave (ATK) Fallen Angels on Healers.

While the attackers generate DPS, the healers have to ‘patch the holes’ as much as possible and then die together with them. ATK SPD can be used over ATK here because one of the buffs that you can spend crystals on greatly increases ATK SPD, and usually the healers you bring here have effects in their Basic Skills that you want to activate as many times as possible.

Exceptions exist too, so always be on the lookout!


Late-game Catacombs (~Floor 60 onwards)

In late Catacombs floors, the reliance on CC becomes astronomical. To even survive, you need to commit one or more Food Souls to specialize in CC by using ATK SPD.

According to this guide for Floors 60-70, the base team is 1 Tank + 3 DPS + 1 CC, with adjustments as needed. Before Floor 60, you might need to feel your way around and decide when you want to drop healers. I’ve seen recommendations of using 2 healers, while some people adapt to the later strategies and use none at all. If you are at this point, you yourself should know best what to do.

This is real late-game stuff. At this stage, you start building things tailored to individual content.

SRs need to be 5* and URs need to be 3*~5*. Fallen Angels must be +10 and above, details as followed:

Tank: 4 HP (use ‘Linked’ Cautious Fallen Angel)

DPS: 4 ATK, or 3 ATK 1 HP for more survival (use ‘Linked’ Brave Fallen Angel)

CC: 4 ATK SPD (use Resolute Tsuchigumo / Uke Mochi E)

Tsuchigumo’s & Uke Mochi E’s ATK SPD are still higher than ‘Linked’ Fallen Angels that have evolved, hence why you should use them if you are building a ATK SPD Fallen Angel.

Peking Duck with his superior ATK SPD is called the ‘key’ to climbing the higher Catacomb Floors.


Additional input by other players

Here’s a useful spreadsheet made by u/NASnowy to help you keep tabs on your Fallen Angels, or for theory crafting. Just change the options in the yellow boxes on the first page. Thanks, NASnowy!

Here’s a video with commentary based on this guide by u/azureautumn that covers most of you need to know. Thanks, azureautumn!

If you have something useful you want to share or just more information to add, feel free to comment below :3


Closing Words

Thanks for reading! I wasn’t able to find some of this information in English anywhere, so I thought it’d be useful since I’d already shared it with my guild mates. If you’d like to put the tables or any of the information I provided into the wiki or anywhere else, I’d love it if you can at least credit me for the translation ❤

IGN: roujo

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