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Gloriville Light Kingdom Sakurajima Lost Cuisine Gloriville Aroma Dishes ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ Achieved Stat Baked Lobster Cooking Wine Garlic Sparkling Wine Fresh Garlic Texture Chicken Pizza Chili Black Pepper Royal Dressing Tellicherry Pepper Texture Crispy Pork Garlic Cooking Wine Fresh Garlic Sparkling Wine Texture Grilled Calamari Soy Sauce Chili Premium Soy Sauce Royal Dressing […]



《3 Cuisines to Develop + 1 Lost Cuisine》 (☆ : You cannot make dishes beyond your chosen and unlocked cuisine) All Gloriville Light Kingdom Sakurajima Lost Cuisine Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Apple Crisp Flour Apple Bacon Tofu Wrap Bacon Tofu Baked Lobster Cheese Rock Lobsters Cheese Bread Bread Cheese Cheesy Yam Cheese […]