Month: March 2019


First Spring Green

Event Duration: 28 Mar 2019 – 7 Apr 2019 An event where you get “Wormwood” for sweeping stages (Normal or Hard). Wormwoods are special event items, a currency that you can exchange for various items, the main prize being SR Food Soul Matcha Rice‘s Shards. Sweeping a stage has a 50% chance of giving 1 […]


Patrol Time

Event Duration: 23 Mar 2019 ~ 01 Apr 2019 Update: Calculations were adjusted according to our reward list which is different from CN server. A storyline-type event that uses Action Points (AP) instead of Stamina. Event items are: Heart Seal    Reason Seal    Notepad    Megaphone    The event key points and what you […]


Angel Log – Aizen

Aizen is the type of Fallen Angel that can be extremely friendly or extremely dangerous. If you’re lucky, a drunk Aizen can be a man’s best friend.


Angel Log – Uke Mochi Enhanced

Very few people can claim to have seen it, because very few people have escaped its grasp alive. A dangerous foe.


Crowd Control Guide

What is Crowd Control AKA CC? Crowd control or CC is a term coined from early days of MMORPG when players refer to skills or abilities which helps to manage a huge group of enemies during an engagement. This term is then slowly generalized and simplified by the community to just mean controlling the enemies […]


Drowning in Reality

“Yeah, i’m okay. My dream is surpassing the reality.I’m living in a delusional mind. It’s okay, because you’re there. I’m okay. I’m seeing you smiling. Isn’t it beautiful? Let it be eternal please. In this wonderful dream, You’re with me, By my side and holding my broken heart. You’re the one who saved it. In my illusion, I can see you. Standing and smiling like […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Eclair Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 17/ Type  Defense  Def 27/ Fav Food Pickled Salmon Head  HP 389/ CN VA San Mu (三木)  Crit 356/1316 EN VA Chris Niosi  Crit. Dmg 294/1024 JAP VA Abe Atsushi  Atk Spd 241/596 Availability Summon, Event (Snack Time!) Fallen Angels Tanuki Catus Spirit Basic […]


Angel Log – Queen Conch

Queen Conch is a special type of Fallen Angel that inhabits the sea. Her most striking feature is the giant shell she sits on. Not only is it used to attack opponents, but she also uses it to protect herself.


Angel Log – Spectra

Nevras is a region filled with rich resources. Many explorers travel to Nevras in search of Magical Crystals. However, more often than not, a Fallen Angel known as Spectra will hunt these explorers in search of Magic Crystals. People say Spectra resembles a famous chef that once belonged to the Chef’s Guild.


Angel Log – Orochi

Semimaru (aka Orochi) was once part of the royal family of Sakurajima. When the fallen Angels took over, he searched for ways to take back his land. Attempting to take back his land he ran various power enhancing experiments on himself. These experiments ultimately led to his death and transformed him into a Fallen Angel.


Angel Log – Uke Mochi

Uke Mochi was born from the negative energy and evil dreams of mankind. It is one of the original Fallen Angels that first appeared on Tierra. Uke Mochi is a huge Fallen Angel with both agility and power that exists to consume and destroy everything in its path. If you encounter one in the wild, run! The locals claim that Uke Mochi has an even more horrific form! However, not many people have seen it… or lived to tell about it.