First Spring Green

Event Duration: 28 Mar 2019 – 7 Apr 2019

An event where you get “Wormwood” for sweeping stages (Normal or Hard). Wormwoods are special event items, a currency that you can exchange for various items, the main prize being SR Food Soul Matcha Rice‘s Shards.

Sweeping a stage has a 50% chance of giving 1 Wormwood, and a 50% chance of giving 2 Wormwoods. As such, simply spending stamina will get you Wormwoods! However, if you want more Wormwoods to exchange for items, you’ll need to spend more stamina of your own!

Reward List

Disclaimer: This event was released early in CN, and thus lacks items that were introduced later on.

  • 17x Wormwood = SR Food Soul Matcha Rice Shard x1 (Max 415 times)
  • 5x Wormwood = Beginner Seasoning x1 (Max 50 times)
  • 6x Wormwood = Gold x15000 (Max 40 times)
  • 20x Wormwood = Soul Ember x25 (Max 6 times)
  • 30x Wormwood = Skin Voucher x20 (Max 5 times)
  • 30x Wormwood = Spirit Reincarnator x1 (Max 10 times)


On average (individual luck may differ), every 3 Stamina spent would yield 1.5 Wormwood (a 2:1 ratio).

An average of 2040 Stamina would be needed to obtain Matcha Rice (60 shards)

An average of 6650 Stamina would be needed to obtain 3★ Matcha Rice (185 shards).

An average of 14110 Stamina would be needed to obtain 5★ Matcha Rice (415 shards)

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