Atk 29/
 Strength  Def 11/
Sauteed Mushrooms  HP 332/
Wu Lei (吴磊)  Crit 482/1917
Lucien Dodge  Crit. Dmg 566/2385
Sawashiro Chiharu  Atk Spd 1293/4278
Summon, Shard Fusion, Event (Lazy Afternoon, Food Soul's Wish, Grand Dress-Up)
Garuda Night Sparrow
One Sword One Body Zongzi initiates his inner potential, increasing his own attack power by 2 points and his attack speed by 20 points over 2 seconds. At the same time, he reduces the defense power of the nearest enemy target by 2 points over 2 seconds.
Shooting Swords Zongzi inflicts an onslaught using his swordsmanship, dealing damage of 40% to all enemies and an extra 80 points of damage. Has a probability of reducing the defense power of all enemies by 5 points over 5 seconds.
Super Shooting Swords Zongzi assails opponents with his swordsmanship, dealing 60% in damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 104 points of damage. Also has a probability of reducing enemy defense power by 7 over 5 seconds.
Aroma Breakthrough During Judging Voyage, the Aroma of all dishes entered is increased by 55 points (+5 per level)0☆
Cater to Preference Increase the initial Mood of the Judge in Voyage by 3%. (+3 per level)2☆

Extremely loyal to his Master Attendant. He is cautious and acts as an adviser to his Master Attendant.
Zongzi Desserts
China 770-221 BC
Loyal 181cm
Likes: Tangyuan Dislikes: -
I will do everything I can to protect those who are important to me!
Zongzi is a dessert cooked with glutinous rice wrapped in leaves. It is said to commemorate the ancient poet Qu Yuan.
[R][Strength] Food Soul

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