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Soul Log – Cordyceps

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Cordyceps Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 106/ Type  Support  Def 29/ Fav Food Spinach Noodles  HP 500/ CN VA Feng Xiu (风袖)  Crit 1213/5668 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 601/2606 JAP VA Tachibana Shinnosuke  Atk Spd 2100/9282 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Leaf Ocean Queen Sea Bunny Basic Butterfly Dance […]


Soul Log – Yakitori

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Yakitori Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 29/ Type  Support  Def 17/ Fav Food Chicken Salad  HP 354/ CN VA Feng Xiu (风袖)  Crit 394/1499 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 524/2114 JAP VA Yamamura Hibiku  Atk Spd 1221/4107 Availability Team Up Fallen Angels Conchi Puffin Basic Passing Torch Yakitori heals the […]


Soul Log – Fruit Tart

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Fruit Tart Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 95/ Type  Support  Def 25/ Fav Food Stuffed Lotus Root  HP 502/ CN VA An Qi (安琪)  Crit 2165/10425 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 1558/7393 JAP VA Nabatame Hitomi  Atk Spd 1235/5314 Availability Daily Attendance Fallen Angels Queen Conch Sea Bunny Basic Enchanting […]


Soul Log – Margarita

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Margarita Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 49/ Type  Support  Def 21/ Fav Food Cappuccino  HP 421/ CN VA V17-Qian Kui (V17-钱坤)  Crit 420/1620 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 524/2114 JAP VA Ishihara Kaori  Atk Spd 1450/5610 Availability Event Fallen Angels Aizen Green Dumpling Basic Salt Protection Margarita raises the three […]


Battle Guide

Food souls are the core of the game and battling with them forms a huge part of the game. On the outside it may seem that fighting is just putting together 5 food souls and get as many linked skills according to the tips, but it gets deeper and there are many hidden algorithms, techniques […]


Soul Log – Zitui Bun

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Zitui Bun Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 52/ Type  Support  Def 20/ Fav Food Bamboo Stir Fry  HP 389/ CN VA Sun Ye (孙晔)  Crit 1132/5002 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 564/2304 JAP VA Asari Ryouta  Atk Spd 439/1488 Availability Event (Hit the Mark) Fallen Angels Thundaruda Large Sparrow Basic […]


Soul Log – Doenjang Jjigae

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Doenjang Jjigae Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 23/ Type  Support  Def 13/ Fav Food Chicken Salad  HP 234/ CN VA Da Wang (大汪)  Crit 300/950 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 353/1178 JAP VA Nabatame Hitomi  Atk Spd 1045/3478 Availability Summon, Event Fallen Angels Sakura Spirit – Basic Warm Heart Doenjang-Jjigae […]


Soul Log – Nagashi Sōmen

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Nagashi Somen Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 91/ Type  Support  Def 29/ Fav Food Black Fungus Congee  HP 510/ CN VA Ma Yang (马洋)  Crit 1023/4718 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 2465/11925 JAP VA Hamano Daiki  Atk Spd 1654/7236 Availability Event (Ranking) Fallen Angels Queen Conch Conchi Basic Windbell Umbrella […]


Soul Log – Salad

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Salad Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 28/ Type  Support  Def 36/ Fav Food Pumpkin Muffin  HP 335/ CN VA Weng Yuan (翁媛)  Crit 394/1499 EN VA Casey Mongillo  Crit. Dmg 524/2114 JAP VA Hanae Natsuki  Atk Spd 632/2277 Availability Summon, Airship, Hard Stages Fallen Angels Enhanced Uke Mochi Rabbert Basic […]


Soul Log – Plum Juice

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Plum Juice Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 21/ Type  Support  Def 27/ Fav Food Carrot Bread  HP 213/ CN VA Liu Yao (刘垚)  Crit 150/1499 EN VA Greg Chun  Crit. Dmg 150/2114 JAP VA Okitsu Kazuyuki  Atk Spd 158/2001 Availability Deliveries, Airship Fallen Angels Conchi Puffin Basic Acid Attacks Plum […]


Soul Log – Miso Soup

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Miso Soup Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 22/ Type  Support  Def 18/ Fav Food Grilled Pork Belly  HP 330/ CN VA Guo Hongbo(郭鸿博)  Crit 394/1499 EN VA Chris Niosi  Crit. Dmg 524/2114 JAP VA Sato Takuuya  Atk Spd 907/2986 Availability Summon, Shard Fusion, Airship, Token Shop, Event (Food Soul’s Wish, […]


Analysis – Fondant Cake

Category: [FoodSoul] Name: Fondant CakeType: SupportRarity: SRAvailability: Event Summon OnlyBest Preferred Fallen: Leaf Ocean Queen (unreleased)● Basic Skill: Fondant heals all allies for 7 HP per second for 8 seconds, also granting them immunity to Charm for 8 seconds.● Energy Skill: Fondant heals all allies for 195 HP, then heals them for 35 HP per […]