Disaster Guide – Jellyfish

Main features and attributes of Jellyfish

● Immune to Skills (including Artifacts).
● AOE skill which deals increasing fixed damage and charms team for 5s every 12s.
● AOE skill which deals massive increasing fixed damage.
● Buffs itself which greatly increases Def for 10s every 20s. Can be dispelled.
● Immune to CC, Atk Increases over time.

Countering the main features

1. Immune to Skills (including Artifacts).

Opposite feature from Durga, this boss is immune to skills, including artifact skills. Thus, your damage will fall on your food souls’ normal attacks. Skills that affect your team still works, so artifacts with buffs are still in meta.

2. AOE skill which deals fixed damage and charms team for 5s every 12s.


The charms will be your worst nightmare if you do not have a node 5 Cloud Tea or Fondant Cake. These 2 food souls will be your only chance to do any decent damage on this boss. Fondant Cake will be most players’ best bet and give her your best Atk Spd FA for best result. Because the boss deals fixed damage, it is also crucial to make sure your team’s HP is sufficient to survive the AOE skill.

3. Buffs itself which greatly increases Def for 10s every 20s. Can be dispelled.


The standard dispel crew recommended to be part of your lineup. Highly recommended to bring a dispeller to increase damage. Bonito can served as a tank and dispeller which can proved useful for players to save 1 attacker slot.

Team Composition & Fallen Angels

Tanks are not compulsory in this fight as the normal attacks are pretty low. However, if not able to survive, do consider bringing a second healer other than Fondant.

Notable Pairings


Only pairing available for this boss. Not compulsory to follow these pairings if fallen angels, stars are not desirable or better food soul choices are available.

Team Comp 1 (Early Gamers with no Fondant)

  • 5 x Attackers (with dispeller)

For new players and players with no Fondant Cake, recommended to go all out to get maximum damage output. As the boss’s Def buff can reduce a significant amount of damage, advised to use a dispeller irregardless.

Team Comp 2 (Basic Setup)

  • 1 x Tank
  • 2 x Attackers (with dispeller)
  • 2 x Healers

A more decent setup for survival priority than damage. Might yield more damage than first team comp due to better survival but might backfire due to no anti charm and the boss heals back from your healers. Play around with 1 or 2 healers to find the best fit.

Team Comp 3 (Basic Fondant)

  • 1 x Fondant Cake
  • 3 x Attackers (with dispeller)
  • 1 x Tank


Basic Fondant Cake setup with tank if Atk Spd FA is not up to par. Tank can help in survival when anti-charm did not trigger in time. Recommended tanks are Oyster or Crab Long Bao.

Team Comp 4 (Basic Fondant with Beer)

  • 1 x Beer
  • 1 x Fondant Cake
  • 2 x Attackers (with dispeller)
  • 1 x Tank

Basic setup with Beer and Fondant Cake. Make sure they are at least 3 stars and HP is able to last through the boss’s AOE. If charm is affecting the team too much, it means your Beer is disrupting your Fondant’s anti- charm too much. Thus, recommended to use lower speed for Beer compared to Fondant. Recommended tanks are Oyster or Crab Long Bao.

Team Comp 5 (Fondant Full Power)

  • 1 x Fondant Cake
  • 4 x Attackers (with dispeller)

Using 4 attackers without tank and Beer. This setup requires Fondant Cake to be good enough to ensure anti-charm at all times. Dispellers is a must using Rum, Toso or Butter Tea. Buffing attackers are also recommended if your top attackers are not ideal or not max stars. Examples of these food souls are White Truffle or Wuyi Da Hong Pao. Recommended tanks are Oyster or Crab Long Bao.

Team Comp 6 (Cloud Tea Power)

  • 1 x Cloud Tea with Node 5
  • Beer
  • 3 x Attackers (with dispeller)

Pinnacle team comp using Cloud Tea with node 5 unlocked, granting immunity to charm for full team. This allows the team to run freely without using Fondant. However, if using Beer, Cloud Tea’s third node need to be removed.

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