Yunnan Noodles

Yunnan Noodles
 Atk 52/
 Magic  Def 14/
Mushroom Yaki  HP 366/
Yang Menglu (杨梦露)  Crit 617/2634
Erica Mendez  Crit. Dmg 487/2000
Taichi Yoou  Atk Spd 718/2573
Summon, Event (Warm Regards)
Bulimia Chappybara
Weave Yunnan Noodles unleashes her rice noodles at enemies with high accuracy. Dealing 100% damage to the enemy with the highest attack power plus 34 extra damage.
Phoenix Dance Yunnan Noodles performs an elegant but deadly pirouette. Dealing 100% damage to the enemy with the highest attack plus 349 extra damage.
- -

She looks like a cold and careless sister but she’s very meticulous when it comes to caring. Very meticulous and clever minded. Although there is a lot to worry about in her life, she is able to handle everything handed to her.
Yunnan Noodles Refreshments
China 19th century
Gentle 166cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
The most important thing to me is the warmth of humanity.
Yunnan Noodles originated from the Mengzi City of Yunnan, China. It is considered one of China's many cultural heritage foods with its unique traits. The are various origin stories for Yunnan Noodles. Although these stories differ slightly, the love for Yunnan Noodles is apparent in all stories.
[SR][Magic] Food Soul

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