Anzu Ame

Anzu Ame
 Atk 131/
 Strength  Def 28/
Sauteed Lettuce  HP 671/
李元韬  Crit 1522/7212
-  Crit. Dmg 1523/7435
Tooru Arizumi  Atk Spd 1422/6052
Tsuchigumo Sea Bunny
Assault Combo Anzu Ame smashes his gigantic Candy, dealing 100% of his attack and an additional 208 damage to the nearest enemy. Also, increase his own attack speed and damage received by 40% for 3 seconds.
Rampage Mode Upon finishing his candy, Anzu Ame enters rampage mode and he does 100% of his own attack and an additional 411 damage to the closest enemy. Also, reduce the defense of said enemy by 60% for 4 seconds and also guarantees that Anzu Ame's next normal attack does critical damage.
- -

When eating, he feels calm, so he's quiet; when his mouth is empty, he'll enter [rampage mode] and go off. Anzu Ame built a small hut in the polar reaches of Nevras and usually lives there. When there are adventurers or even kings coming to the polar ice fields in search of the legendary [rainbow candy], Anzu Ame and Braised Beancurd Skin will serve as their guide.
Anzu Ame Dessert
Japan 20th Century
Uncertain 178cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
If I had spare time to deal with others, I'd rather use it to eat anzu ame... but I still want friends.
Anzu Ame is a sweet prepared by coating candy, that has been preserved in vinegar and syrup, in mizuame and stabbing a wooden stick through the food. to prevent the mizuame from melting, Anzu Ame shopkeepers usually places them in blocks of ice during sale. Moreover, they would also place Anzu Ame in Monaka bowls before serving customers. Anzu Ame is a dessert that was born in the streets of Kyoto, Japan. Because Anzu Ame cannot withstand high temeperatures, it is not prevalent in the much more warmer, eastern part of Japan and seemingly only appears in Oden temple festivals. In Kanzai however, Candy Apple is instead more popular.
[UR][Strength] Food Soul

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