Disaster Guide – Qiongqi

Main features and attributes of Qiongqi

● 40% chance to stun attacker who attacks it.
● Cast debuff which continuously reduces energy, can be cleansed.
● AOE skill, deals 5% max HP damage every 2s.
● AOE skill which deals 20% max HP damage, causes bleeding with 3 stages, cannot be cleansed, deals 6% max HP damage in total, happens every 10-12s.
● AOE skill, deals 85% max HP damage, happens at 4:58/2:58/0:58.

Countering the 3 main features

1. 40% chance to stun attacker who attacks it.

Generally affects attackers which greatly reduces damage output. Best solution is using food souls which can let whole team be immune to stuns. Alternative solution will be using food souls with cleansing effects, the more the better. Using the best solution, the best food soul to use will be Candy Cane or Fondant Cake with artifact nodes unlocked to 5. Alternatively using healers to cleanse will be a good idea as healers are not attacking the boss, thus there is no possibility to get stunned. These food souls include the usual cleansers Bibimbap, Nagashi Somen etc.



2. Cast debuff which continuously reduces energy, can be cleansed.

This feature technically stops your team from casting energy skills. This might cause trouble for your healer, thus affecting your healing. Healing is important for this boss as the damage skills can be devastating. To counter this feature, either use more cleansers, energy regeneration or make sure your healer’s Atk Spd is kept high with good Atk buffs. This can be achieved through various food souls like Beer, Butter Tea, Bibimbap etc.


3. Huge damage from the 3 AOE skills

High requirements on healer or healers to keep the team alive. Use your best healers who can also do cleansing or Atk buffs to reduce pressure on healing or increases healing output respectively. Similarly, you can use speed boosters to increase healing output to last through these skills.

Team Composition & Fallen Angels

Keeping the team alive will be top priority because of the high damage dealt by the boss. Use another healer if one is not enough. After settling with heals, try to get as much immunity to stuns as possible which can be achieved through artifacts or basic skills from food souls (invulnerability works) then leave the rest to cleansing.

Artifact Power

Several artifacts now are able to achieve immunity to stuns, though requiring reaching high nodes. If full team immunity is not possible, single immunity to attackers can also help greatly to increase their active damage time. Food souls with these artifacts can be Pizza, Natto, Turkey. Other than immunity to stuns, buffs to attack are recommended, these food souls are plenty, use whichever suits the team.

Team Comp 1 (Cleansing) :

  • 1 x Healer with Cleanse
  • 4 x Attackers

Basic team if immunity to whole team is not available. Try to use as many cleansers as possible, with focus on Atk Spd going to the healer with cleansing ability.

Team Comp 2 (Double Heals) :

  • 2 x Healers
  • 3 x Attackers

When Team is unable to survive the onslaught of damage, try using 2 heals to tank it through. The secondary healer need not be a pure healer, but one who can damage or cleanse.

Team Comp 3 (Invulnerability) :

  • Tangyuan & Moon Cake
  • 3 x Attackers

The standard duo for invulnerability strategy to prevent wipes when the major damage dealing skill is unleashed at the 3 timings. However, do take note that energy regeneration needs to be in place for the linked skill to be pulled off.

Team Comp 4 (Immunity) :

  • 1 x Candy Cane or Fondant Cake with 5 Nodes
  • 4 Attackers

Team Comp 5 (Immunity with Beer) :

  • 1 x Beer
  • 1 x Candy Cane or Fondant Cake with 5 Nodes
  • 3 x Attackers

Using Beer to boost Atk Spd and damage as usual. Only use when artifacts of team are of certain nodes which can cleanse while being silenced.