Jianbing Guozi

Jianbing Guozi
 Atk 17/
 Strength  Def 24/
Stuffed Lotus Root  HP 241/
Chang Tian (长天)  Crit 488/1753
-  Crit. Dmg 501/1860
Mikami Jou  Atk Spd 409/1184
Drink Bar
Fanged Snail Spiked Snail
Powerful Throw Jianbing Guozi has a chance of raising his Atk stat or his Def stat by 10% for 3 seconds.
Golden Roll Jianbing Guozi deals 40% of his Atk stat and an additional 99 points of damage to all enemies.
- -

A young man who possesses exceptional seafaring mastery. He’s nimble, quick and exceptionally good at miscellaneous chores on ships. Since joining the Jingan Chamber of Commerce, he’s been praised by everyone around him for being diligent, hardworking and caring.
Jianbing Guozi Snack
China Unknown
Diligent, Hearty 178cm
Likes: Lion's Head, Beggar's Chicken Dislikes: -
When I paddle, I really feel full of spirit!
Pancake fruit is a famous snack in Tianjin. It is made of mung bean powder and mixed into a paste, spread into pancakes, shaped like a lotus leaf, thin and soft as paper, and then rolled with a crispy mallet (fritter) or glutinous rice dumplings, smeared Sauce, fermented bean curd, eggs, sprinkled with chopped green onion at the end, can be eaten when folded from the middle. It first appeared early as a Tianjin native, and is now a popular red snack in the country.
[M][Strength] Food Soul


    • thanks for the support, drink bar is a new feature which is like the restaurant currently except it serves only drinks/cocktails, has its own currency and shop to exchange for rewards like the tip store.

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