Soft Serve Cone

Soft Serve Cone
 Atk 50/
 Magic  Def 14/
Bird's Nest with White Fungus  HP 453/
Shishi (十四)  Crit 556/2334
 Crit. Dmg 756/3312
 Atk Spd 1654/6319
Leaf Ocean Queen Hungry Jellyfish
Icy Star Stumble Soft Serve Cone jumps down from her snowflake and kicks it towards her enemies, dealing 40% damage to all enemies plus an additional 95 damage, also dealing deals 35 damage to all enemies for 4 seconds.
Thousandth Snowfield Soft Serve Cone gathers the floating ice chunks and cream in her hands and throws it towards the enemies, dealing 40% damage to all enemies plus an additional 285 damage. At the same time, she reduces the Atk of all enemies by 20% for 3 seconds.
- -

A cool headed and sweet girl, she enjoys a lifestyle that is full of imaginations and new things. She's also good at trying out and accepting new things, but tends to express a dislike for old-fashioned and stubborn objects and people respectively. When it comes to displaying her likes and dislikes, she can be very direct. One of her dislikes would be wasting time on stalling. Her ice power is very strong and this allows her to remain level-headed, which is why she's very reliable. As a result, it is quite improbable for her to lose her cool. However, this does not apply when she's near her Master Attendant. This makes her "melt" and she would uncontrollably display that girly sweetness.
Soft Serve Cone Dessert
Unknown Present Day
Overt 163cm
??? ???
Let's create a new world that belongs to imagination!
Once it enters your mouth, the ice cream would melt and unleash that cool and sweet taste. Undeniably, this would make it an ideal dessert to cool down during the summer. What's even better is the crunchy cone which goes well with the ice cream on top. Thus, Soft Serve Cone is a popular dessert during the summer.
[SR][Magic] Food Soul

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