Atk 52/
 Strength  Def 8/
Avocado Salad  HP 460/
Sun Ye (孙晔)  Crit 1020/4470
-  Crit. Dmg 365/1401
Fukuda Yuimi  Atk Spd 2000/7700
Leaf Ocean Queen Sea Cat
Demon Slaying Slash Unadon deals 100% of his ATK stat and an additional 60 points of damage to the nearest foe, also gaining 10 Energy.
Wheel of Destruction Unadon deals 100% of his ATK stat and an additional 400 points of damage to the nearest foe. For the next 5 seconds, the foe takes 60 points of damage per second and all allies have their damage increased by 15%.
- -

A stubborn food soul with a high vitality. He's usually bursting with energy which invigorates those around him. However, he's considered a misfit by many due to his unorthodox approach when carrying out tasks.
Unadon Main Course
Japan 17~19th Century
Hearty 186cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
There's no point assessing if something is strange or not. At the very least, if it works for yourself, then you'll be happy in life.
Unadon is a type of Donburi dish in Japan. It can be prepared by placing Unagi prepared via the Kabayaki method in a bowl of rice or pair it up with Shichimi for additional flavours. After the Edo period, there was a surge in labour in the Aquaculture industry and more people were slowly more accepting of the price of Unagi. Today, it has become a relatively common dish.
[SR] Food Soul

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