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Analysis - Artifact: B-52
Category: [Artifact] B-52's Artifact is here, and so is his Artifact event! There wasn't an analysis on Crab Long Bao's Artifact, but we're back for B-52! This time, we'll omit any analysis on the stats, and focus only on the skills. The Skills B-52's first Togi Node comes with 3 widely varying effects that activate after attacking (albeit with a cooldown). ● Skill 1: Every 45 seconds, gain energy● Skill 2: Every 12 seconds, deal damage to all enemies● Skill 3: Every 12 seconds, increases all allies' normal attack damage Skill 1 has an absurdly long cooldown for a mediocre ...
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Analysis - Artifact: Black Tea
Category: [Artifact] (There's still a missing part, which is about the nodes after the 3rd skill. We would also like to do a more in-depth analysis on the usage of the artifacts' skills. Keep an eye on this page if you're interested in any future updates on this topic!) In lieu of us getting Black Tea's Artifact event, it's only normal to want to know more about Black Tea's Artifact, and find out if it's worth it for you. We're here to help you with that by giving a perspective on the numbers, but take note that as Artifacts' usability ...
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