Atk 55/
 Magic  Def 19/
Shortbread  HP 410/
An Qi (安琪)  Crit 1229/5628
-  Crit. Dmg 609/3625
Kubo Yurika  Atk Spd 1421/5386
Harvest Diary
Aizen Soulless Angler
Warming Up Before Meals Okonomiyaki raises her Atk by 5% and grants the furthest ally a shield that absorbs 89 points of damage for 3 seconds.
Accurate Fire Okonomiyaki deals 40% of her Atk stat and an additional 252 points of damage to all enemies, also reducing their Energy by 5 points.
Super Accurate Fire Okonomiyaki deals 60% of her Atk stat and an additional 302 points of damage to all enemies, also reducing their Energy by 15 points.

A girl who chases after trends, Okonomiyaki doesn't care how people view her. She does things the way she wants and sometimes comes across as rude. However, it’s just that she doesn't sweat the small stuff. She is kinda bad at noticing the social atmosphere and can be very direct when talking. During any encounter with Oden, she just can't help but nitpick.
Okonomiyaki Snack
Japan Unknown
Informal 163cm
Likes: Oden Dislikes: -
Fashion is a compulsory course for any girl~
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style vegetable pancake. It is a folk delicacy in Kansai, Japan. It is also a part of Osaka food culture and a representative of noodle culture. Because of its appearance, some people call Okonomiyaki "Japanese-style pizza". Compared to other Japanese dishes, the price of Okonomiyaki is relatively cheap, so Okonomiyaki is also called "One Money Foreign Food", which is a foreign-style food that you can eat for one money.
[SR][Magic] Food Soul

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