Month: June 2019


Disaster Guide – Devouroth

Main features and attributes of Devouroth ● Deals single target damage to nearest target every 9 seconds, dealing around 30% HP damage.● Deals single target damage to nearest target every 6-8 seconds, dealing fixed damage that increases every minute. ● Cast a buff of itself increasing Def, can be dispelled.● Does an % based AOE […]


Harvest Diary – Surströmming

Event Duration: 27 Jun 2019 ~ 11 Jul 2019 1. Complete daily missions to receive personal EXP to upgrade the Harvest Diary and get corresponding rewards.2. Spend 500 Soul Embers to upgrade Diary level by 1 without using Personal EXP.3. Bookmarks can be used to raise the amount of personal EXP gained 50% and to […]


Gate of Trials – Mapo Tofu

Event Duration: 20 Jun 2019 ~ 23 Jun 2019 This event offers the chance to get Mapo Tofu Artifact energy more efficiently by challenging special stages with either Stamina or “Gate of Trials Tickets”. Gate of Trials Tickets can be bought in shop for 5 Magic Crystals each to a maximum of 300 each day. […]


White Truffle

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name White Truffle Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 140/ Type  Magic  Def 12/ Fav Food Curry Crab  HP 413/ CN VA V17-KIYO  Crit 1100/5253 EN VA  Crit. Dmg 2165/10738 JAP VA  Atk Spd 799/3249 Availability Event Fallen Angels Enhanced Uke Mochi Bulimia Basic Divine Talisman Ritual White Truffle deals 40% of […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Soba Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 60/ Type  Magic  Def 12/ Fav Food Laksa  HP 398/ CN VA Ma Yang (马洋)  Crit 1102/5008 EN VA  Crit. Dmg 532/2217 JAP VA Asari Ryouta  Atk Spd 1020/3780 Availability Event Fallen Angels Queen Conch Spiked Snail Basic Misty Spring Breeze Cold Soba deals […]


Witch Incoming!

Event Duration: 13 June 2019 ~ 19 June 2019 1. The bingo event will last 7 days. If players complete all tasks, they can claim a mystery grand prize. 2. For completing 3 tasks in a column or row, you can claim a reward.3. On the fourth day of the event, you can spend Magic […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Waffle Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 52/ Type  Magic  Def 15/ Fav Food Fruit Tea  HP 402/ CN VA Mang Yin (忙音)  Crit 564/2373 EN VA  Crit. Dmg 654/2816 JAP VA Igarashi Hiromi  Atk Spd 1865/7160 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Aizen Purple Dumpling Basic Waffle manipulates her Rubik’s Cube, […]


Lore – Turkey

I II III IV V I. Qualified King I was summoned into a magnificent palace. My Master Attendant is the only child born to the owner of this palace – the only Prince of the country. The Queen passed away at a young age and was not able to leave behind more children. The King, […]


Three-Minute Analysis – Lion’s Head

Category: [FoodSoul] For Lion’s Head’s details, refer here. Name: Lion’s HeadClass: Offensive Tank Strengths● Invulnerability on basic skill● Self-healing on energy skill● Is the best non-UR tank even at 3 to 4★, can last until UR tanks reach 3★ ● Good damage for a “Tank” FS● Can be used with an Atk or Atk Spd […]